The advantage of coconut oil with your hair this summer

As you know, taking care of your hair is essential, especially when summer comes. Besides, a mistake that many comments on is to think that their hair does not require particular attention at the beginning of the summer. It is the fact that just like the skin, the hair also needs to be pampered. In fact, the change of season, the rays of the sun, the salt air, the wind, and the chlorine of the pool can make the hair brittle and dry, irreparably ruining them.

However, one of our all-time favorite healthy foods and natural remedies is here to help: coconut oil! It is said that whatever your hair hassle, coconut oil can probably help.

We can say that coconut oil has so many amazing properties. As you properly know, it is a nourishing clean-burning fuel for stable energy and supports healthy cholesterol levels. Besides, coconut oil often helps people lose weight in a healthy way, and helps the thyroid gland function properly, and promotes immune system health.

And the question is that how can this coconut oil have so many benefits? According to news, scientific analysis has shown that the unique blend of fatty acids in coconut oil is synergistic with many systems. Whereby, lauric acid is one of the main constituents, which is converted to monolaurin when we ingest it.

In addition, coconut oil has a high molecular affinity for hair proteins with low molecular weight and straight-chain structure. As we can see, this means that the coconut oil fatty acids can enter the hair shaft and provide a nourishing and protective effect.

Do you know that many bloggers and natural beauty experts have shared stories of their hair becoming stronger and shinier after consuming and applying coconut oil? Let’s examine some specific treatments you can use depending on your particular hair needs this summer.

Sun damage

Firstly, one of the coconut oil’s impressive talents is the ability to protect hair and skin from the sun. To approve for this, some experts say that coconut oil naturally contains a sun protection factor, or SPF 10. There is no doubt that coconut oil has been used as a natural sunscreen for many generations by indigenous pacific islanders. As we can see, this is a great way to avoid sun protection products, which can contain toxic fragrances, endocrine disrupts, and penetration enhancers.

Do you agree with me that sun protection sprays for hair can be very expensive, and are a great example of an effective marketing ploy? Therefore, we recommend using coconut oil instead. First of all, you have to brush your hair evenly. Besides, make sure to include your scalp, especially if your hair is parted. Furthermore, coconut oil can provide sun protection for your scalp too, which is often forgotten and is susceptible to sunburn.

Therefore, you should note that coconut oil is a gentle form of sun protection, and likely won’t be effective if you have fair or sensitive skin, or are spending a lot of time in the sun. One thing you have to remember is to use your discretion to ensure you’re safe in the sun.

Saltwater damage

When swimming in the sea, your hair can be dry, and frazzled. In this case, you can use the same pre-swim treatment recommended to prevent chlorine damage. It is said that this will help your hair stay moisturized and shiny, so you can avoid that matted post-beach look.

Wind damage

Do you know whether you’re playing sports, walking on the beach, or driving with the top down, summer activities involve a lot of wind? Therefore, we recommend using coconut oil as a daily detangle to help reduce the damage caused by wind exposure.

All the above are the advantage of coconut oil with your hair this summer that anyone can learn. If you do, your smooth hair will not be damaged! Hopefully, the above sharing will help you have more ideas for taking care of hair.

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