The Best Hairstyles Of Ciara

Have you ever heard about a talented R&B singer-songwriter and dancer Ciara? She shot to fame with her hit singer and debut album Goodies. Always known for her agile dancer’s body and unique dance moves, Ciara became a fixture in fashion magazines. No matter the occasion, her hair always shows off her charming look with eye-catching hairstyles. In other words, she is always up for a dramatic hair change. Let’s see how Ciara rocks her beautiful hair.

1. The beauty of Wavy hair

If you are looking for a stylish and feminine hairdo, the wavy hair of Ciara will be your perfect option. Her black hair is styled simply in a center parting with loads of soft waves. The combination of black color and perfect length creates stunning highlights. Besides, she opts dark brown eyeshade which makes her eyes really pop. The blue glasses also emphasize her hairstyle. Overall, her look is absolutely dramatic and bold.

2. Messy Blonde Pixie hair

Thinking about dramatic hair change, we can expect that the famous star won’t disappoint whenever she decides to switch up her hair. Her pixie hair cut is proof. The blonde layers are perfect for the young and trendy look. The inspired blend of blonde with dark eyeshade matches her lovely complexion and face shape perfectly. For any girl who is thinking about a short hair cut this summer, a pixie will be your ideal choice.

3. Rocking world with various ponytail hairstyles

The Goodies girl has not only a beautiful voice but also a charming appearance. She knows how to be outstanding with attractive hairdos such as ponytail hair. The cool ponytails designed for both straight and curly hair range from sexy to soft and romantic. So, different ponytail hairstyles of Ciara will make you rethink about this default hairstyle. Let’s see how she styled her ponytail hairdo.

High Curly Ponytail

This vintage look showcases her beautiful curly hair texture. A thick curly ponytail is considered a sexy version of the classic ponytail. To get a high curly ponytail like Ciara, you should use a curl-defining spray to keep hair in shape. Then gather your hair at the nape of your neck, slightly off-center, and tie it off with a hair tie. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.

Braided Ponytail Hairdo

Ponytail braids are quite popular and suitable for women of any age. This way you can show off your pretty face neatly and brightly. Look at this picture. Her braided ponytail gives her a charming look and the baby hair in front of the head brings her unique hairstyle. This style also highlights her dark eyes and shows off her amazing look. A smoothing brush, shine spray, and flyaway tamer are necessary if you want to try this hairdo.

Romantic Ponytail Hairstyle

Are you looking for a simple but fancy ponytail hairstyle? The amazing hairstyle of Ciara is easy to achieve by yourself. As you know, pregnancy is that time of the year when you don’t want to fuss around. At the pregnant period, the famous singer opts for a romantic ponytail hairdo which looks great on her face. Having said that this hairstyle looks neat but attractive.

4. Easy Bob Haircut

Ciara is one of the famous stars who can wear her hair long or short in virtually any shade and still look marvelous. Actually, her well facial shape with high cheekbones helps her able to wear different styles. Take a look at this picture! It’s amazing how short hair length can create a chic look. Her lovely bob hair is suitable with loads of face shapes. A short style like this really leaves her stunning look.

5. Hair transformations of Ciara

Throughout her career, Ciara is known for her being ultimate beauty including hairstyles. Take a look at some of her remarkable hair transformation in big events.

Met Gala 2016

Appeared in Met Gala 2016, Ciara looked so fabulous with her short silvery hair. This style is an ideal choice for a young and unique look. If you love silver hair color, why don’t you take inspiration from the famous star? People can’t take their eyes off her glamorous look. It can be said that it was one of the most noteworthy beauty moments in 2016.

Billboard Women in Music 2017

On the red carpet for Billboard Women in Music event, the host Ciara appeared in a curly ponytail and white dress. She styled her thick locks in a high ponytail, and opt for a smoky eyeshadow. Maybe it is our favorite ponytail in this event.

World Pride 2019

At this event, the star tried out the long hair trend. The singer went on the carpet with a black wavy hairdo combined with a black beret. Paired with a yellow-and-black leopard-print, she looked absolutely outstanding in this event.

Are you interested in the different hairstyles of Ciara? What do you think about her hairstyle or do you find out the inspiration for your hairstyle this year? If you enjoy this post, please follow us give your comment below to share your idea.