The Fence Of Hair: Hair Cuticles

Have you ever seen the advertising of shampoo which can protect hair cuticles? May be you can understand that: this is an important element of your hair, but no one knows deeply about its component.

Hair cuticles are the outer layer

Your hair is made by 3 layers: cuticle, cortex and, medulla. The cuticle is the deep of 0.005mm. This is the main element that makes the firm protein layer. It takes about 10-15% in hair’s total weigh.

The role of cuticle

The role of cuticle - The Fence Of Hair: Hair Cuticles

The cuticle is a type of firm transparent cell which is piled off each other like scales. Some of the cuticle’s functions are: anti the occupied of water, chemical, protect your hair from outside affects, being a layer which helps to keep protein and the humidity in your natural hair.

Moreover, on the surface of cells, there is a lipid agent that makes you feel your hair more glossy. In conclusion, the cuticle is an essential layer that helps your hair stronger and full of energy.

The disadvantage of cuticle: the friction

By some acts such as: brushing your hair wrongly, crushing hair up,…can make damages as well as

Scaling cuticles off.  Moreover, there are some causes which wound your cuticles, such as: using a hairdryer, ultraviolet rays, dyed agents, bleach or stretch your hair.

What is the cuticle was affected by that causes, your hair would be dry, loose its humidity. Thepolishofthe hair would decrease, the hair starts being dry, divided stews, and fragile.

Due to not recovering, when the cuticle was scaled off, you can not recover it like the beginning. So, if you want to protect your hair, you must take care of the cuticle very clearly.

How to protect the cuticle in the right way?

How to protect the cuticle in the right way - The Fence Of Hair: Hair Cuticles

After washing the hair, you need to make it dry as soon as possible

When the hair is wet, it means that: the cuticle is expanded so that it makes pressure on each hair’s cuticle. When you finish washing your hair, you need to make it dry to close the cuticle as soon as possible.

Using the hairdryer in a suitable way

Because the cuticle was arranged from the root to the stew, so you need to dry your hair in the same direction.

How to anti-ultraviolet rays??

How to anti ultraviolet rays - The Fence Of Hair: Hair Cuticles

We can apply numerous ways to protect cuticles from ultraviolet rays, such as: using a broad-brimmed hat, …The hair and the skin are similar to each other, they can not recover, so you have to take care of them continue to get a strong cuticle.

Using the essential agent to protect the hair

Apart from using: the hat, sunglasses, or umbrella, you must apply the essential agent on your hair –making a fence to protect the hair.