The Inspirational Hairstyles Of Tyra Banks That You Should Try At Least Once!

See beautiful hairstyles of Tyra Banks in casual moments without makeup as well as when appearing to the public with full makeup on!

Who is Tyra Banks? Take a brief introduction to this beautiful woman!

Who is Tyra Banks?
Who is Tyra Banks?

Tyra Lynne Banks was born on 4th December 1973, in Inglewood, California. The woman is considered a legendary in the runway world as she was known as a leading international fashion model and the first-ever black woman to own the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Not only renowned for the wonderful ability to master the catwalk, but the former supermodel also was a talented host show as she worked at the helm of two popular TV series simultaneously, one is the reality TV program ‘American’s Next Top Model’ and one was her own daytime talk show ‘The Tyra Banks Show’, for which she even earned her two Emmy Awards later. Not stop at that, Banks has continued to turn her runway success into a multimedia brand as she launched her own cosmetics line in 2014 and became a successful businesswoman.

Working in the fashion world and being a fashion icon is a kind of immense where one particular needs to look her best on any occasion. That’s why Tyra Banks has to change her style regularly to be always prominent among the plenty of beauties, not only costumes but also hairstyles as well. Join MACSARA to take part in the journey of discovering the best hairstyles of Tyra Banks, whether in the formal occasions or casual life. Keep reading!

Natural hair

The supermodel confidently shows off her natural hair on Twitter as she joked at sometimes the wigs and weave need a vacation. As expected from the world-class model, Tyra has let us know what the professional model’s attitude means as even when enjoying some time-off without any makeup, the famous star still exuded charm and sexiness, the thing that must always be present with a model. She gently pulled her natural Afro black hair back and not stare at the camera but tilt the face away to show off the perfect profile, just posing for a photo posting on Twitter but she did it as if she was shooting for a magazine cover!

Being youthful with two pigtails

If the Supermodel looks extremely fancy and attractive with makeup on, then Tyra Banks no makeup brings a totally different feeling as she looks super fresh and youthful, just like a friendly neighbor woman that everyone wants to have. Wrapping a blue motif scarf around the head for better harmonizing with the shirt, Tyra had her hair braided into two lovely pigtails as she delivered a wide smile for the camera. Her pretty peepers looked light, stunning and graceful in brown and she flashed her pearly whites to the camera. A little rouge never made anyone look bad and without a significant makeup on, she looked mighty sweet.

Side-parted straight bob hairstyle – Brunette and light blonde two-tone hair color

The bob itself brings a fancy and modern look, and when it comes to Tyra Banks, she made the look become even edgier and attractive by dyeing the hair two-tone color, with the feminine brunette at the roots section and the prominent light blonde toward the ends. Another secret here is the way she parts her hair deeply to one side instead of doing middle-part like others. Both ways of parting hair are beautiful but it seems the side-part style looks better on Tyra.

Long Wavy hairstyle – brown and blonde ombre hair color

Tyra Banks looks like a real queen with this hairstyle. The top hair section is delicately styled to make a nub, creating an illusion of wearing a crown while the remaining is left loosen down and made some soft waves to enhance the femininity and gracefulness. The light blonde ends contrast with the brown hair at the top flattering the “crown” even better, bringing Tyra Banks a regal look.

Voluminous curly brunette hairstyle

Parallel to being a world-class supermodel, Tyra is also an admirable fashionista due to not only her unique fashion sense but also her brave to try on some picky styles, including this voluminous hairstyle. This hairstyle is a picky style because the resulting barrier of being enchanting or ending up rustic is very fragile. Whatever, look at this picture, I’m sure that most of us have to agree that the supermodel pulls off the look extremely well as she is super stylish yet alluring, isn’t she?

Pixie hairstyle – brown hair color

Tyra Banks looks extremely characteristic and fashionable in this boyish haircut. The multi-talented lady has proved us that there must be some certain reasons why she could get such success on the runway as well as in TV show, one of the reasons may be the ability to transform into various styles, from the feminine long wavy hair to the edgy pixie layered-cut, without constraint. Try this hairstyle at least once to make your life become less boring and more delightful.

Some more beautiful hairstyles of Tyra Banks

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