The perfect Kehlani hairstyles  

The truth is that every girl wants to look gorgeous on any occasion. Apart from a beautiful dress and makeup, a hairstyle is considered effective to enhance a girl’s beauty. In terms of impressive hairstyles of years, it can’t be helped to talk about Kehlani. Known as a popular American singer and songwriter she always shows off her charming look no matter what hairstyle she wears. Changing hair form short to long, she always looks pretty. Read on to know more interesting and glamorous hairstyles of the pretty singer.

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1. The power of straight  black hair

Can you keep up with celebrity hair trends? At an event, the American singer-songwriter went sleek and straight for an appearance. The black straight hair is the one style that never grows old and everyone is able to wear this hairdo. Her long wispy hair makes us want to get it to style immediately. Parted in the middle, the straight hairdo looks timeless on her. Your dream of a celebrity-like hairstyle will become true with an effortless style.

macsara straight black hair large - The perfect Kehlani hairstyles  

At another moment, the young singer shown off her adorable straight black hair in short length. She looked more dynamic and younger in this picture. Having said that hair length can bring you different appearances. Do you like her black hair short or long?

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2. Mermaid waves – A beautiful mess

macsara Mermaid waves large - The perfect Kehlani hairstyles  

It is safe to say that mermaid waves hairdo is an ideal option for women because it is able to make women look more attractive. Look at this picture! The red mermaid waves create a sexy look, and people can’t take their eyes off her. The combination of long soft hair and eye-catching waves brings her impressive look. Do you fall in love with this gorgeous hairstyle?

3. Classy and fashionable look with a high ponytail

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People said that a high ponytail was the effortless but gorgeous hairstyle. Take a look at this picture. Skyscraper high with some baby hair on the head, the American singer’s ponytail makes her look the best. She also knows the key to keep her hair interesting is adding accessories such as glasses to enhance her charming look. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have long, thick hair. So, let’s find your inspiration in the classy and adorable ponytail hairstyle like Kehlani.

4. Enhance hair beauty with a cap

macsara a cap large - The perfect Kehlani hairstyles  

The truth is that hair accessory plays an important role in emphasizing a girl’s appearance. Having said that accessories are able to fit perfectly with girl’s hairdo and overlook. It is another moment that Kehlani grabs all people’s attention with her eye-catching hairstyle.

In her concert, she wore long, grey-lavender hair mixed with black cap hair. The young star looks so attractive and fashionable. The hair color brought her an impressive look. Besides, a loose hair with sleek waves also shown off her magnificent features on her face.

5. The hair evolution of Kehlani in events

Grammy Awards 2016

macsara Grammy Awards 2016 large - The perfect Kehlani hairstyles  

In February 2016, the pretty singer took all people’s attention due to her loose curly hair. She had medium hair length which was an ideal style to show off her charming and chic look. Her soft black hair was a dream-like hair of numerous girls. It can be said that the American singer really stunned in a chic red dress, paired with beautiful and soft curls. This hairstyle can work well for everyone. So, why don’t you try this one?

Music Choice 2017

macsara Music Choice 2017 large - The perfect Kehlani hairstyles  

Like girls who love the changing hairstyle, Kehlani had her short haircut. Unlike the previous hairstyle, she dyed her hair red and used earrings to emphasize her chic hair. Her bob hair was considered a simple and effortless hairdo. She looked more dynamic and younger with bob hair. If you enjoy the fresh and simple style, this is an ideal hairdo for you.

iHeartRadio Music Awards 2018

macsara iHeartRadio Music Awards 2018 large - The perfect Kehlani hairstyles  

It can be said that a high ponytail never goes out of date. More than once, the young star decided to wear this hairstyle to join events. She looked like a queen in this style. The classy and elegant, high straight ponytail can be a great choice to take into consideration.

Diamond Ball 2019     

        macsara Diamond Ball 2019 large - The perfect Kehlani hairstyles  

Take a look at another moment of Kehlani at Diamond Ball in 2019. She was outstanding in black bob medium hair. The key to achieving a gorgeous look is to know how to combine your hair with your clothes. She wore a white dress, and she looked like a princess in a fairytale.

It can’t be denied that changing hair is the best way to transform your look. The young star Kehlani successfully takes other attention with various hairstyles. She looks really gorgeous and fashionable. So, what do you think about her hairstyle or do you find out the inspiration for your hairstyle this year? If so, visit the MACSARA website to get your favorable hairstyle in a blink of an eye with our high-quality hair extensions. Hopefully, you enjoy this post and please follow us give your comment below to share your idea.