The Secret To Owning An Amazing Wob Hairstyle

Wob hair is one of the most popular hairstyles. It does not bother to take care and remains fashionable even in real life and on the red carpet.

The Secret To Owning An Amazing Wob Hairstyle large

It is a bob-like hairstyle that extends to the chin or shoulders. It is wavy halfway, forming soft curls to soften slightly this masculine hairdo. Because of the dynamic, easy-to-style feminine look and, importantly, no need to take care of hair, wob hair is increasingly popular with Hollywood stars and stylists. This hair is suitable for almost any face and can be flexibly used from the office to the red carpet with a stylish look. To own this beautiful wob hair, you can refer to the tips from the hairstylists below.

Cut your hair in the right way

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The wob hairstyle needs to be done on standard lob (long bob) hair. Cut the right style will create the classic beauty and elegance. Nowadays, the shoulder-length lob hairstyle is the most popular with Hollywood stars because it is long enough to create waves, ponytail or bun. Hairstylist Nelson Vercher says the best length is between the chin and the shoulders, and the hair should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks.

Adjust the hair thickness

Although regardless of the hair quality, you should regulate to get the perfect wob hairstyle. As Mario Russo, a stylist of a large salon in Boston (USA) said that the thin hair needs to be cut to look thicker, to avoid looking ragged and discrete after curling, while the thick hair needs to be trimmed to look elegant, more luxury.


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According to hairstylist Frank Barbosa, the reason wob hair is increasingly popular is that it can create the right angle for any face. Besides, the color combination for this hairstyle besides natural hair color makes the face look more prominent. For example, from Vannessa Hudgens, the actress made a wise decision to choose to dye ombre with the original hair color and the youthful yellow.

Specific tips to each hair type

Specific tips to each hair type large

If you own straight hair, you should use a hot roll to create short curls, paying attention to roll small sections to increase frizz. Also, you should not curl the entire hair, but only 1/3-1/2 of the lower to create the natural locks.

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Girls with curly hair are somewhat easier to style and care for their hair. However, you still need a lot of styling sprays, and hair lotions to keep your hair from frizzing excessively. It’s best to keep the natural curl in your hair.

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If your hair is coarse and difficult to comb, stick to a lob style longer than normal and use dry wax to style it, reducing unnecessary roughness.

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The wob hairstyle requires a certain amount of hair thickness, so girls with thin hair can dry, use gel or spray to create volume before using curly hair cream. Note, you should use a moderate amount, using too much will make the curls greasy.

Let dry naturally

Let dry naturally large

Hairdryers can help you get curly hair immediately, but long-term use will reduce hair quality. Instead, run your hand through the messy hair while letting it dry naturally. A little spray of diluted sea salt will help soften the curls.

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Thanks to hair extension technology, many girls have the opportunity to own beautiful and fashionable wob hairdo. While these hair products like 10-inch tape hair, are great and bring new looks to the girls, you should not apply this method if you do not know how to take care.

4 Simple ways to care for hair extensions easily at home

4 Simple ways to care for hair extensions easily at home large

Clean your hair

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Girls are often afraid to wash their hair to make the hygienic extensions because they are afraid of the joints will be peeling or have problems with the hair extensions. But ignore these reasons! The normal hair must be kept hygienic, the more hygienic hair extensions should be.

Remember to wash your hair 3 times a week with a mild shampoo. Hair is not only clean but also fragrant and especially hair grows healthy and fast.

Wash your hair properly

Wash your hair properly large

Unlike normal hair, when you wash your hair extensions, you’ll have to be more careful. Make sure you always wash your hair properly so that it does not cause damage to the hair extensions.

  • Shampoo in one direction.
  • Wash your hair from the forehead backward and down the hairline.
  • Use your hands to gently massage, not rub your hair.
  • Hair rinsing is also done in this direction.
  • Unlike normal hair shampoo, when shampoo hair extensions, you should conduct hair straightening first and then after shampooing hair will not be tangled.

Use the right shampoo for hair extensions

Use the right shampoo for hair extensions large

Hair extensions will have to use specialized products specifically it from shampoo to conditioner. The best way to choose shampoos is to choose benign shampoos such as herbal shampoos, keratin shampoos…

Avoid products containing sulfate with bleach. These substances will cause your hair to be affected quickly, especially those that are prone to unintended peeling. So, if you apply for hair extension at any hair salon, ask the staff there to advise you on the appropriate product to use for shampooing your hair extensions!

Comb your hair gently

Comb your hair gently large

Hair extensions will need to be careful a lot of things. In particular, combing your hair is something you often do, so be extra meticulous. Why be more scrupulous? Because the brush force easily affects hair extensions. Using a comb or circular comb is most effective.

  • Comb from the hairline to the end of the hair gently, if there are tangles, it is necessary to be patient, not jerk, affecting the hair.
  • With one hand and one comb handle, always cuddle your hair to reduce the impact on hair and reduce hair breakage.

The hair extensions can help you to have a beautiful new look so you can change many hairstyles easily. Besides, thanks to hair extensions, many girls can overcome their thin hair by helping your hair to thicken naturally when you choose the beautiful hair models.

the beautiful hair models. large

Above are methods to get the gorgeous wob hairdo and 4 simple and easy ways to care for hair extensions that you should refer to. After applying, you will find that hair care is not as difficult as you think it is!