The Unique Hair Shades Are Going To Be Huge In 2019

Spring is absolute the occasion to try something new and change yourself up. So, it is time to transform your hair color to catch up with the trend. Don’t worry if you do not know which color will suit you, here are some inspiring shades advised from top hairstylists to list the most popular hair color trends that must kick you to the salon right away. Scroll these special hues following to check it out.

Pretty Pink

This hair color has been inspired by many celebs like Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Kim Kardashian. Trying on this shade for the first time will totally impress your friend’s attention, show your own personality, and to be more confident and outstanding. The candyfloss hue even is very easy to style with different lengths of your hair. Each of them definitely brings a distinct look.

Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange continued to reign in this year. With orangey corkscrews can turn Amandla to be gorgeous in last year’s Met Gala. For those who don’t want to have a cool look, this color also matches well with other styles. Especially, the shade is pretty easy to wear, thanks to its burnt undertones, which will brighten your skin overall.

Platinum Blonde

It is easy for you to see a celebrity poses a new photo on Insta with platinum blonde. Are you ready to change? Just do it now, this hue stands the test of time for bringing anyone an instantly cool vibe. Such hair color particularly fit on dark skin girls, the result is incredible, out of expectation. It will give you a retro bombshell inspired look, or go for cool edgy rock urban style and make things look fun and sexy. Khloe Kardashian is rocking it really hard.

Icy Blue

Thanks to the rainbow hair color trend, more and more women are dye their hair to be funnier and sexier. It is clearly proved by another Kardashian, Kylie Jenner who always goes first for the trend, wears icy blue with flunky full lips. This stunning hair makes us go blue right away. I am pretty sure that this blue shade hair is no longer to be seen on the special character on TV, It can fit with every woman of all ages can try out this bold hair trend.

Rich Brown

If you don’t have much time for hair care, this color absolutely is your best choice thanks to low maintenance.  For those whose hair cannot brighten, the dark color will be good and at the same time brings you a different look.

We are listing hair some special hue for your hair in this springtime. We hope that it might be some of your assistance to choose from. Moreover, dying and bleaching your hair will damage your natural hair a lot, the best solution is you can visit our website MACSARA to buy extensions and do whatever you want without ruining it.