Things You Should Know Before Buying Hair Extensions

Switching up our hair becomes easier with hair extension products nowadays. Whether you are obsessed with beachy summer waves or want to wear a high ponytail, it doesn’t matter. However, it is also a big deal to some people especially when the hair is applied in the wrong way, things got really bad. Therefore, you must consider thoroughly which type will work, and match perfectly with your natural hair. Here is all the information about hair extensions that you need to know.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Hair Extensions

What are the different types of hair extensions?

Actually, hair extensions have been divided into a vast of different type but there are 3 main categories:

  1. Temporary ( wearing in one day/week only)

Clip-in wefts and weaves hair extension are the perfect solutions for quickly adding volume and thickness to your hair.

  1. Semi-Permanent (wearing within 6-8 weeks)

Tape-in pieces which are worn around 6-8 weeks are the choice of many celebs to get a volume and thicker locks. These types of extensions are smaller versions of products clip-in hair extensions. Now there are new products called Invisible Tape extensions which can’t be seen when blending it on your head

  1. Permanent (wearing continuously, around several months)

Permanent methods which conclude micro rings and micro bonds are attached strand by strand inside your natural hair.

Which one is the best hair extension for you?

If you like to change your appearance in some special occasion, temporary hair extensions products will be the best choice. You can easily attach and remove it if you don’t like it. For example, clip in hair extensions will be the most effective and easiest way to enhance your hair length and volume because you just snap to open and snap to close.

However, for those who are completely fed up with their own hair, they find permanent methods more preferable due to its quality and long-term usage. Especially, micro rings and micro bonding methods are ideal for reusing and reattaching many times if you keep it carefully.

Synthetic Or Natural Hair Extensions which one is better

Absolutely, 100% human hair will be the best choice over any synthetic products. One thing that you should keep in mind that the more expensive products are easily worth your money. Although human hair is more costly, the hair will have a longer lifespan and you can reuse which means the cost in the longer term is more affordable.

Besides, synthetic hair can’t be styled and slighter than human hair. Moreover, the customer should find the perfect match by mixing it up. The synthetic hair is produced in blocks so the price is much cheaper.