Times Dakota Johnson Stunning Us With Her Marvelous Hairstyles

The Fifty Shades film series, which was adapted from the novel series of the same name by writer E. L. James, is one of Hollywood’s most successful film series, and a launching pad for bringing a lot of names to international recognition. One of them especially must mention the leading actress Dakota Johnson as the female lead Anatasia Steele. Thanks to the success of the film, we have gained a better understanding of a beautiful shade of Hollywood. Dakota did a very good job and successfully recorded a deep impression on audiences around the world about her own Anatasia character. It is thanks to not only her great acting ability but also the dreamy beauty, very innocent yet super enchanting. Dakota Johnson always appears alluring, whether in film or real life, besides possessing delicate facial features, there are many factors that help improve the beauty of the actress, one of them that has to be mentioned is choosing the right hairstyle for the face. Let MACSARA learn the ways Johnson chooses to style her hair!

Beautiful Dakota Johnson hairstyles

Updo with Curved Bangs

Dakota Johnson owns both feminine and seductive beauty with an oval face, deep blue eyes, and attractive and sexy thick lips. However, with all this seemingly perfect beauty, there is still a small flaw on the actress’s face, which is the high and wide “airport” forehead, which imbalances the face. Dakota was very skillful in choosing the right hairstyles to cover up this small flaw, her secret was her bangs. Whether it’s blunt bangs, sparse bangs or side bangs, bangs are an extremely effective beauty tip, especially for those with a wide forehead, which helps to mask the somewhat rough forehead and regain balance for your face that still looks youthful and stylish.

This is Dakota Johnson when she attended the 2018 Big Screen Colosseum Achievement Awards held at Las Vegas. The actress opted for the feminine curved bangs with the updo hairstyles for an elegant graceful look.

Low Ponytail with Choppy Bangs

Dakota Johnson appeared looking prominent as usual at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, LA, California in 2018. The actress has a hundred ways to transform her bangs and make them never boring. Indeed, her bangs are truly MVP. Most often center-parted, they are curtain bangs to the prettiest degree, with a hint of straight-across fringe depending on how they lie. The layered cut is magnificent. And the versatility is the best part: whether the hair is wrapped up into a pony, or pulled half-back, or left down and flowing, the face-framing pieces manage to skirt the look in a most gentle way, maximizing the gracefulness and femininity.

Long Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs

Dakota has transformed the regular straight haircut into ever more luxurious with just a little change in the way of dyeing. The actress “50 shades” is often associated with brown hair, one of the hair colors never outdated and always gives women a feminine tenderness, but this does not mean that the Dakota will become boring and “one color”. Dyeing hair light brown balayage, with the dark roots and the light brown toward the ends, has helped the actress looking a lot fancier and trendier. The blunt bangs also play a big role in giving Dakota a younger look. This hairstyle is very simple to create as well as to take care of, so if you want to have a “cheap moment” with your idol, why don’t you make a salon appointment and refresh your look right away?

Dakota Johnson Bob Hair with Blunt Bangs

The blunt bangs itself help bring a young look and the bob hairstyle is perfect for achieving the fanciness. So, what will happen when combining these two styles? Look at Dakota Johnson and you will know the answer. The actress looks extremely youthful yet fully chic and trendy as she was walking on the street.

Soft Curly Bob Hairstyle

Still, the bob hairstyle but this time the actress did change a bit by adding some soft waves with the bangs were swept to one side for a more modern yet feminine look.

Some more beautiful hairstyles of Dakota Johnson


Dakota Johnson hairstyles are versatile and inspirational, which one do you like the most? Show us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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