Times We Were Jealous Of “Dark Phoenix” Sophie Turner’s Hair

The famous TV series “Game of Thrones” has just returned with a new season not long time ago. The film buffs had not recovered yet from the radiant beauty of a resilient Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, now have continuously been overwhelmed by a strong Sophie Turner as A in the movie blockbuster “X-men: Dark Phoenix as the film has just officially premiered on 6th June. In both films, Sophie has appeared with red hair. In fact, she had to dye her hair almost every week for filming and since she has appeared in a redhead for a long time, many people may think that is her natural hair color. But nope, her hair is real blonde! Because she has to dye her hair so often, Sophie always knows how to best look after and style it. Not only on films but she also definitely knows how to make the most of her long locks in real life.

Let’s scroll through some top Sophie Turner hair moments.

Casual Waves

Sophie curled her hair in very light wavy and put it to one shoulder, combined with makeup in nude tones. She looked very gentle and feminine.

Slicked Back

This time she was back to blonde hair, Sophie decided to straighten the hair and brush it backward. She looked so strong and arrogant, isn’t she?

Hint of Pink

No need to curl or straighten hair, just highlight the hair with some pink is enough to make a difference. She said in an interview that she always wanted to dye her hair in pink just like her friend, this picture has proved that she really can pull off every hair color including pink. She looked very youthful and dynamic.

Blond Waves

Appeared in a TV show, Sophie kept her original hair color and altered it gently with soft waves. She brought a friendly feeling but also politely enough.

Slick ponytail

No longer put the hair down, Sophie looked power and solemnity with a long straight ponytail.

Beach Hair on the Red Carpet

Seem like Sophie is quite loyal to style her in in wavy. The body wavy texture combined with blonde ombre, she was successful in capturing every journalists’ camera lens.

Middle-Parted Soft Curls

Just curl softly in the body part and middle-parted the hair, as well as skillfully mixed with costumer and lipstick in the same red tone. She was stunning as usual.

Loose Bun

Sophie usually put her hair down or sometimes do a ponytail, so what happens if she has a bun? Look at this picture and you will know, such a new image but also very youthful.

 Chic, Messy Ponytail

She messed up her hair a bit to make accents. Exactly like the name of the hairstyle, she was chic and beautiful, wasn’t she?

Sleek Side Parting

The hair was straightened and parted in proportions 3-7. This time she put on smoky eye makeup and nude lipstick, she was like an arrogant noble lady.

Voluminous Ponytail

With this hairstyle, she looked like she was ten years younger!

Relaxed Plait

The hair was softly curled and was lightly braided in the tail. Sophie looked so feminine and gorgeous just like a princess stepping out from the fairy tales that we often read when we were young.

Old Hollywood Curls

Sophie Turner looked classic and mysterious in this Old Hollywood Curls style.

Chic Fishtail Plait

Back in red copper hair color! She decided to braid her hair in fishtail plait, such an Ariel in real life.

Darker Blond Waves

Whether it’s dark blonde or light blonde, Sophie was still so stunning in the body wavy hair texture.

Relaxed Red Side Parting

She was so attractive with this hairstyle!

Milkmaid Plait

There is no cuter way to get the hair up and out of the way than braiding it around the head. This look has been seen on loads of celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Mary Kate Olsen, etc. All of them pulled off this hairstyle so well, of course, including our Sophie Turner.

Side Parting French Plait

She transformed into a French lady with the hair was gently curled and plaited a bit on either side. Doesn’t she look so amazing?

Long Wavy Ponytail

Changed the ponytail a bit with soft wavy.

Glamorous Curl

Big Curls With a Side Parting

Loose curly texture and red copper hair color help her look more attractive! Was this enough to make you fell in love with her more?

You Won’t Recognize Her With Brown Hair

Sophie doesn’t usually dye her hair in brown, but even when she was in brown hair, her beauty was not affected. The brown straight hair was very suitable for her.

Side Plait

With a single plaited on the side, Sophie proved that you still can easily have an elegant look with just a little effort. She was so spectacular in this hairstyle.

Fishtail Plait

Modern, tidy and a bit naughty, that was the feeling Fishtail Plait brought on Sophie Turner. The gorgeous red-brown color was presented beautifully in this braid. She looked so beautiful.

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