Tips For Choosing Bridal Hair Accessories To Glow On Your Big Day

For brides-to-be, there seems to be a lot to prepare for their wedding day, but of course, prepping for a bridal look must be the top priority. Everyone wants to look gorgeous from head to toe on their special day, and hairstyle is an essential part of it. A suitable hairstyle adorned with bridal hair accessories can give you the complete makeover you need. So if you have no idea about bridal accessories for hair, you are at the right spot! Keep scrolling down to get inspired!

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1. Common types of bridal hair accessories

Bridal hair accessories come in all shapes and sizes to suit different needs and preferences. Therefore, it’s essential to have an overlook of them so you can know what you have on your plate before deciding on one.

1.1. Crown & Tiara

A crown or tiara can be worn alone or with a veil, creating a classic and often fairytale or princess look. The best thing about this hair accessory is that it works well with any hairstyle, from natural flowing locks, a half up half down, an updo to a ponytail.

Crown & Tiara

1.2. Headband

A headband is a less complicated alternative to a tiara. It is just as versatile, but it is the perfect choice for those looking for simplicity.


1.3. Hair comb

Hair combs are by far the most preferred choice among brides. They are easy to use and come in various styles so one can effortlessly pick the best suit. Hair combs typically accentuate an updo hairstyle in the back or on the side of the head. However, they can also work great with a side-swept loose hairstyle.

Hair comb

1.4. Hair vine

Hair vines are definitely the bridal hair accessories going on trend. Highly-sought after among romantic or bohemian brides, they can be bent to fit the back of a braided updo or half up half down locks, or to be worn as a tiara.

Hair vine

1.5. Hair pin

If you are looking for accessories that give you the freedom to style, hair pins are exactly what you need. You can attach these hair pins to your hair wherever you want. Though more understated than other types of bridal hair accessories, they can create a striking impact on the overall look.

Hair pins

1.6. Hair flowers

Among the different types of bridal accessories for hair, flowers stand out as a unique type on its own. Perfect for rustic outdoor weddings or boho brides, flowers work best for loose and tousled hairstyles. You can choose to adorn your hair with a large bloom or a floral crown depending on your hairstyle.

Bridal hair accessories flowers

2. Tips for choosing bridal hair accessories

The best hair accessories should be both practical and aesthetic. Among various types of hair accessories for bridal ensembles, finding the perfect fit is not an easy task. Below are the important factors you should consider before making a choice:

2.1. The overall theme of your wedding

First things first, we’d better look at the big picture to narrow down the choices. Every wedding has a theme, and you won’t want a mismatch between your bridal look and the rest of your wedding. Imagine you are going to have a formal, traditional wedding in a ballroom, you may go wrong with a whimsical floral crown, right?

2.2. Your personal style

Basically, your personal style is reflected in your choice of wedding theme already. We just want to elaborate on this point. Below are some common bridal styles and our recommendations for hair accessories accordingly:

  • Classic bride: A tiara or vintage hair comb will never go out of style for traditional brides.
  • Bohemian bride: Flower crowns spring to mind when it comes to a boho wedding style. A more dramatic choice is a tiara or hair vine featuring natural motifs, such as flowers, leaves and birds.
  • Modern bride: You may be looking for something between simplicity and elegance, then a hair comb or hair pin with geometric designs and sleek metal styles will do the trick.
  • Beachy brides: What’s better than hair accessories with flowers, pearls and shells that bring out the beachy vibe you love?
Consider your personal bridal style

2.3. Your hairstyle

Of course, your hairstyle is one of the most important factors to weigh. Think about the hairstyle you’ll rock on your big day and find the hair accessories that go well with it (by searching for pictures on the Internet for inspiration or going to a shop and trying them out). Also, take your hair thickness into consideration, as heavy hair accessories shouldn’t sit on fine or thin hair.

2.4. Your dress

Without a doubt, your wedding dress is the heart of your bridal look, so every accessory you use should bring out the best of it. If your dress style is on the simpler side, there is pretty much room for your choice of bridal hair accessories. On the other hand, if you choose to wear a heavily-embellished dress, don’t opt for complicated hair accessories or you’ll end up overwhelming it.

Consider your wedding dress

2.5. Your jewelry

Just like your makeup, your hair accessories should complement the rest of your look, not distract from it. In other words, your hair accessories should match your jewelry in terms of color and elements.

Consider your jewelry accessories

3. Hairstyles with bridal hair accessories

So with the above tips in mind, let’s have a look at how brides IRL look gorgeous in different hairstyles with bridal hair accessories.

3.1. Low Bun With Tiara

She looks glam in this modern yet classic bridal ensemble. The crystal tiara sits perfectly on her blonde low bun with some loose strands framing her radiant face. Do you see the harmonious blend of the tiara, the earrings and the veil?

Low bun with tiara

3.2. Short Hair With Gold Tiara

If you have ever worried about bridal hairstyles with your short locks, look at this glowing bride for inspiration. Just create some waves and the gold tiara will do the rest!

Short hair with gold tiara

3.3. Loose Wavy Hair With Pearl Headband

For a minimalist, a pearl headband never goes wrong. It accentuates your loose hair perfectly, creating an elegant yet stunning bridal look.

Loose wavy hair with pearl headband

3.4. Low Bun With Floral Hair Comb

The floral hair comb seems to be born to complement a low bun, right? Simple yet sophisticated, this hairstyle brings out the grace of a modern bride.

Low bun with floral hair comb

3.5. Half Up Half Down With Blue Hair Vine

While silver is the most common color, blue bridal hair accessories are also a chic option. This blue hair vine is bent to fit the graceful shape of her braided, half up locks.

Half up half down with blue hair vine

3.6. Voluminous Braid With Long Hair Vine

Wow! Such a jaw-dropping bridal hairstyle! The best thing about a hair vine is it can be bent to fit any shape. In this case, the long hair vine perfectly accentuates the voluminous braid for a stunning look.

Voluminous braid with long hair vine

3.7. Loose Curly Hair With Whimsical Hair Vine

Who can deny this is the goal of any bride seeking a dreamy, ethereal look?

The soft, cascading curls offer a natural and carefree elegance, while the delicate hair vine adorned with sparkling crystals and intricate floral designs adds a touch of whimsy and romance. This combination effortlessly blends the bohemian and classic aesthetics, right?

Loose curly hair with whimsical hair vine

3.8. Sleek Bun With Pearl Hair Pins

Pearl hair pins are understated but create a striking aesthetic effect. The combination of pearls in different sizes perfectly accentuate this sleek bun. Do you see they also match the dress?

Sleek bun with pearl hair pins

3.9. Loose Braided Bun With Gold Leafy Hair Pins

Loose braided bun with gold leafy hair pins

If you want something other than classic silver, let’s go for gold bridal hair accessories! The gold leafy hair pins just add a touch of sophistication to the braided loose bun.

3.10. Braided Bun With Single Flower

This may be the go-to choice for a traditional bride. A single flower added to the side of a low bun brings out the femininity and elegance of any bride.

Braided bun with single flower

3.11. Loose Wavy Hair With Flower Crown

Loose wavy hair with flower crown

Is this what comes to your mind first when thinking of a rustic outdoor wedding? A flower crown never fails to bring out that vibe, right?


It’s undeniable that bridal hair accessories have the power to complete or even elevate your bridal look. However, it is just in case you choose the right one! We hope our post will help you pick the best accessories for your hair so you can rock your dream look on your big day!

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