Top 10 best Kristin Cavallari beach waves!

Someone said that we can never get enough of beach waves. Of course, it is one of those hairstyles that can look both casual and super sexy and is so easy to create with any hair length and texture. Therefore, we couldn’t resist showing you Kristin Cavallari beach waves because, well, they are just so perfect.

The wonderful beach waves are one of the reasons why I love Kristin’s style, it’s both practical and pretty! We can say that Kristin Cavallari has always been the ultimate California cool girl, and she’s got gorgeous sun-kissed locks to prove it. So if you need hair inspiration, Cavallari should be on the top of your list—or at the very least, a regular in your Pinterest searches.

It is said that nearly 4,000 reviewers are obsessed with this flat iron for hair, calling it the best one they’ve ever used hands down.

Moreover, this all-in-one ergonomic design will not only straighten our hair has the ability to flip and wave it too with a twist of the wrist, which makes Cavallari’s step-by-step method a lot more understandable now!

As we can see, in an Instagram story, our star used this tool to lightly curl her hair instead of flat ironing it for the perfect amount of beach waves. And we can say that the results are so good which means everyone will want to achieve a similar look to hers, too!

In this video, she said that she was not a tutorial girl in the slightest, but people asked her a lot how she curled her hair so she was going to show them.”

Do you agree with me that her method was pretty simple but so marvelous? Firstly, Kristin Cavallari started off by dividing the hair into two sections and secured the top half with a clip. In the next step, she eliminated frizz and locked in her hair’s natural moisture by blow-drying it from root-to-tip. Afterward, Cavallari twisted and bent her wrist in an upward motion, wrapping her hair around the tool until she reached the top of her head, pulled her hair out then twirled it around her index finger. Finally, after curling all of it, she straightens the ends. And as we can see, the final result is her signature beachy, lived-in look that will add volume and style to any hair type.

Short hair with beach waves is one of the attractive hairstyles of Cavallari. And do you like her outfits here?

Long beach waves in this picture make our star look so pretty and sweet in flower truss.

Apart from beach waves, our celerity has other beautiful hairstyles.

Layered straight platinum hair

Sleek bob

High ponytail

Pinned waves

Half up half down with curls

Loose bun

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