Top 25 best pics of half-up half-down hairstyle

Although few things in life are truly universal, the half-up half-down hairstyle is a rare and welcome exception because it works for almost everyone who wishes to rock it, no matter their texture, shade, or preference. We can say that it’s the perfect way to show off bold or experimental makeup by drawing attention to the eyes, and if you’re just plain feeling indecisive, the look is versatile enough to inspire a new variation every day.

First of all, it’s the perfect style for day-to-night dressing, so you can hop from grocery shopping to a dinner party without taking a shower or reaching for a brush. Now, 25 pics in this article will show the reasons why some half-up, half-down styling is the best way to break up your hair routine.

1. Kendall Jenner


If we’ve ever seen one, especially for short-haired ladies, we can say that this is a weekend pony. Moreover, a tiny rubber band will do the trick, and don’t bother using a brush. If you want timeless beauty like Kendall Jenner, create great hairstyles today by contact with MACSARA!

2. Lucy Boynton


It is thought that the length of your hair doesn’t matter with this style. Because Boynton may have a chin-grazing bob, tying up half of her hair with a bow instantly lengthens it with volume, and gives it a nice feminine touch.

3. Rihanna


Is there anything Rihanna can’t pull off? Of course, her taking on the half up half down hair comes with some loose curls in a bedhead effect.

4. Jourdan Dunn


It is obvious that adding some bejeweled clips or accessories to your half-up ponytail is bound to make you shine from head-to-toe. Besides, it’s also a great addition if you’re keeping your makeup a little smokey and dark like Dunn is here.

5. Florence Pugh


In this event, textured waves paired with coral jewelry practically screams “beach party.” They’ll work perfectly with layered haircut. Using a comb to rake back the hair without making the pony too tidy will help you get this marvelous look.

6. Hailey Bieber


Hailey Bieber completes her twinkle dress with this hair. As you know, half-up styles can give a lifted appearance to the contours of your face, and placing your pony at the crown maximizes this effect. Moreover, you can add a cat-eye to lift the look even more like our star.

7. Emma Watson


Do you agree with me that a deep side part and texture at the roots helps keep this half-ponytail style looking red-carpet fresh? In addition, the fullness of the look further amplifies its sexy allure.

8. Kristen Stewart


As we can see, the perfect weekend looks: tying back a messy half-ponytail (dark roots and all!) and letting the rest of your hair hang loose.

9. Angelina Jolie


It’s no surprise that all the hair and texturing spray used to keep your hair out of your face means more room to highlight your features and jewelry, right Angie?

10. Zendaya

Do you think this is the easiest way to shake up your half up/half down style? If you want to make a statement, throw in a headpiece with this hair.

11. Lana Condor

In the below pic, as Condor proves, curling your ends upward for a ’60s-Esque flip instantly adds volume. However, don’t forget to go extra Mad Men-style and clip the hairs on the back of your head together with a little higher than usual to score that iconic movie star look.

12. Kelly Rowland

No doubt leaving little to no hairs free to surround your face will help draw attention to your beautiful face and other parts of your ensemble, like those gorgeous drop-down earrings Rowland’s wearing. Natural curls were meant for hairstyles that show off the healthy sheen of loopy locks. Do you think so?

13. Zooey Deschanel

One thing you have to remember is that bangs aren’t extra baggage—if anything, they’re your best accessory. Face-framing, fringe bangs like Deschanel’s will add a fun flair to any style.

14. Yara Shahidi

With this amazing hairstyle, pulling your hair up into a sleek topknot, while allowing the rest of your hair to flow freely, adds dimension and helps control the amount of volume you want to put on display. Furthermore, you have tied it with a scrunchie to go super ’90s.

15. Camila Cabello

If wispy bangs + long waves = the perfect cool-girl combination, let spritz your roots with volumizing spray to really make that pony pop like Cabello’s.

16. Kim Kardashian

There’s no denying the fact that a well-structured, sleek ponytail with no flyaways is not an easy look to achieve, but it immediately draws attention to the masterpiece that is your face. Moreover, adding a soft bend at the bottom of your ponytail makes this style appear more relaxed if you don’t want something so serious.

17. Emilia Clarke

We can’t deny the fact that Clarke’s look proves that you don’t have to possess long hair to master the half up/half down style. If you want to get her to look, part hair in the center, tease the hair at the crown of your head and leave some pieces out (or wrap them around a curling iron) for a wavier effect.

18. Ciara’s Waist

We can say that colored dreadlocks offer an array of styles at your service, including this loose half-up, half-down bun. It is undeniable that Ciara looks effortlessly beautiful, and so can you.

19. Bella Hadid

It is clear that after a long day, nothing sounds better than putting your hair up. Let those sun-kissed waves help you shine! Besides, you can bonus points if you swap your regular hairband with a silk scarf for a kick of color.

20. Tessa Thompson

It’s no surprise that this is one of the best hairstyles of Tessa Thompson. A sturdy hairspray will make it easier to build up the height.

21. Ashley Greene

In the below pic, to add some zhuzhing effect to your half-updo, drape the strands closest to your forehead up and away from your face like so. I love the waves paired with the balayage highlights. You can get this look with a wide-barreled curling iron.

22. Sophie Turner

Someone said that pairing a perfected pull-back with an elegant necklace can instantly refine a deep neckline. Do you love this sleek blonde strands here?

23. Blake Lively

If you look at this picture, what better way to make an entrance than with a head full of perfectly satiny curls? We can say that pin back your hair on one side for chic, princess-worthy contrast.

24. Lily Collins

In this event, Collins embraced her seductive side with this bumped-up look.

25. Emma Stone

As we can see, Stone rocked the simple look with this super short and sweet half-up/half-down ‘do in this event.

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