When it comes to beauty standards, people will think of beauties with a slim face, a balanced body, an “ant” waist, and long, straight legs. However, there are famous pretty girls in the entertainment industry, although going against the crowd when there are a few defects that make them look “fat” than usual but still recognized by the public in their attractive appearances. Even, it is these points that make them stand out and more special than the standard beauties when they know how to combine with glamorous hairstyles. This post will show you 3 girls who are alluring fat beauties.

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is a rare case in the entertainment industry that makes people nod to acknowledge that she is always beautiful, despite being fat or thin. The round face seems to have become the brand of this young actress since the first days she entered the entertainment industry. Not only that, but the beautiful star also owns a plump, beautiful chest and envious, cheerful spirit. Therefore, although sometimes she gains weight significantly exposing her fat chest, slightly rough legs or large biceps but still praised as radiantly beautiful. The simple reason for Selena’s strange beauty is the clever combination of hairstyles and makeup.

macsara Selena Gomez large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

macsara Selena Gomez 2 large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

Shaved Undercut

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Selena showed off a shaved undercut combining with an elegant high-pony braid.

Wavy Bob

macsara Wavy Bob e92da695 a78b 4ce6 8821 7e941b7e5dd5 large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

Style short hair by creating loose waves with a big curling iron. Remember, the bigger the curling iron, the looser the waves.

High Ponytail

macsara High Ponytail large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

If you have bangs, don’t stress about fitting your hair into a high ponytail. Leave your bangs out and let them do their thing.

2. Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter is a famous beauty with the nickname “The most beautiful fat girl in the world”. Not having a body with standard measurement, Ariel also has an extremely special beauty. Although a bit chubby, she is still attractive enough to surpass the famous stars of Hollywood entertainment in the list of “Sexiest Stars Of Summer 2016” by HollywoodLife.

She always chooses for herself long hairstyles with striking colors that make fans admire her unique beauty.

macsara Ariel Winter large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

Ariel Winter first showed off her new red hair earlier this month in a post on Instagram. The “Modern Family” actress, who typically has dark brown hair, dyed her hair a darker red for the 2018 film “The Last Movie Star.”

macsara red long wavy hair large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

The red long wavy hair is a style making Ariel more beautiful when appearing. She wore the perfect half-updo that included a pretty braid pinned on the back of her head.

macsara Ariel Winter no makeup large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

When Ariel Winter no makeup, she is also very confident about everything on her body. With her fair skin, it seemed that her chubby body could not make her worse. She walked down the street with her black hair in a high bun and an active summer outfit.

3. Barbara Palvin

Barbara was the one who turned around the difficult situation of Victoria’s Secret when the company got trouble with the thin beauty images. Her picture on Victoria’s Secret’s official Instagram page has taken the storm with a full body but no less seductive. The young model always knows where her advantage lies. It was a statuary-like face, innocent eyes that were both pure, seductive with curvy lips.

macsara Barbara Palvin large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

She has inspired many women around the world to frankly share her thoughts: “Support a brand that values ​​and cherishes your body no matter what it looks like. Only when cherishing the physique we have, we can live happier and healthier than ever.” Even Barbara has a “verbal fight” with people who disparage her physique on social networks to protect their views.

macsara Barbara Palvin 2 large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

Barbara Palvin has drawn in a substantial amount of attention recently, becoming a new L’Oreal Paris ambassador. This should be no surprise to anyone following her red carpet career. She actually began her modeling career at the age of 13 when she appeared in Spur Magazine. Since then, she has put together an impressive string of appearances in some of the top fashion media sources in the world. Palvin was born in 1993 and grew up in the city of Budapest in Hungary. Recently, she has begun to branch out and take on additional roles to expand her celebrity status.


Palvin got her start on the runway when she was able to land a spot in the 2010 Milan Fashion Week. Since then, she has been able to quickly cultivate a reputation for being one of the best new fashion icons. Palvin has also done work for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Louis Vuitton and Christopher Kane. Recently, she opened a few different venues as well. She was the first to appear for the Fall 2011 Chanel show.

macsara Palvin on the Top 50 Models Women large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

Not surprisingly, Palvin has cultivated quite a bit of stardom as a young model. She was ranked 40th on the Top 50 Models – Women, which is put out by The same site has also ranked her 23rd on their Money Girls list.

macsara Shoulder length wavy light brown hair large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD

Barbara Palvin: Shoulder-length wavy light brown hair
macsara Long straight hair large 1 - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD
Barbara Palvin: Long straight hair
macsara High messy ponytail large - TOP 3 FATTEST BEAUTIES IN HOLLYWOOD
Barbara Palvin: High messy ponytail

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