Top 5 good food for natural kid’s hair

Whether the mother of a boy or a girl, most women want their children to have strong, long, and healthy natural hair. In order to have beautiful hair or no more sparse hair, please add all the ingredients through the good hair foods below.



macsara FRESH FRUITS large - Top 5 good food for natural kid's hair

Some indispensable vitamins for the development of baby hair like vitamin A reduce dandruff, moisturize hair, promote the blood circulation. Vitamin B helps to get black and shiny hair. Vitamin C promotes iron absorption, prevents hair loss, and helps blood flow in small vessels that grow hair follicles. Providing enough vitamins, your baby’s hair will be thick and not be ragged. The source of vitamin supplements is fresh fruits such as oranges, strawberries, custard apple, mangoes, pineapples, and so on. You do not allow your baby to eat these fruits when hungry, only eat after meals for about two hours so that your baby can tolerate the maximum amount of vitamins in fruits.


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This is also one of the hair-healthy foods because of green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, spinach. The fresh vegetables have lots of iron and vitamin A for hair to grow. For babies under 8 months old, cook 30g minced green vegetables with meat and fish into soup or porridge. This dish is easy to digest, baby can absorb all the vitamins.

With older children, you chop green vegetables, boil or cook soup. When your baby doesn’t like to eat vegetables you can make a mixed salad, vegetable roll rice for your baby.

3. EGGS  

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Hair is made up of protein. In eggs, there are many proteins that help hair grow thicker and faster. In addition, eggs contain minerals such as sulfur, iron and zinc that are necessary to help hair grow healthy and beautiful. Quail eggs, chicken eggs, duck eggs all provide enough baby protein and minerals needed. You can make boiled eggs, fried eggs, meat eggs, plan cakes … Do not give your baby many eggs at once because too many eggs will make your baby full of stomach, indigestion. A tip for you is that baby should only eat about three eggs of chicken, duck per week, 5 eggs quail/times. Eggs need to be well cooked.


macsara SEEDS large - Top 5 good food for natural kid's hair

Cereals, legumes, and sesame… contain vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium, and many other minerals necessary for body growth, including hair. A glass of black bean tea used in snacks provides children with vitamins and plant proteins. Offer baby black sesame soya milk because of high calcium content in soybeans to prevent baby from losing hair, black sesame helps black and healthy hair. With older children, you can feed your child pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashew nuts, nuts, almonds…


There are many healthy kinds of seafood that improve hair growth, especially for children. Oysters are high-zinc seafood with over 493% of your daily value. They are also minerals that have strong antioxidant properties that help protect kid’s hair. In addition, there is a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon. This essence is very abundant in hair and is, of course, essential for nourishing beautiful hair every day. Omega-3 helps smooth hair, stronger hair follicles, stimulating hair to grow thicker and radiantly beautiful every day. They are the two main types of seafood that can protect natural children’s hair.macsara SEAFOOD large - Top 5 good food for natural kid's hair You can feed your child on 1-2 meals from seafood every day but depending on the month of age, there will be different meals each:

– Children 7-12 months: each meal can eat 20-30 g of salmon or oyster (bone, shell removed) cooked with flour, porridge. Eat 1 meal a day, at least 3-4 meals per week.

– Children 1-3 years of age: eat 1 day of seafood cooked with porridge or eat noodles, vermicelli, soup… Each meal is 30-40 g of seafood.

– Children 4 years and older: can eat 1-2 meals of seafood per day, each meal can eat 50-60 g of seafood.

In addition to supplementing good foods for hair, a regular scalp massage will help increase blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth. How to do it: Put a few drops of olive oil or pure coconut oil into your palm, massage it all over the baby’s head, gently massage around the head so that the oil evenly penetrates the hair. Olive oil and coconut oil not only moisturize the scalp but also reduce clogging of pores, making it easier for new hair to grow. Each time only massage for 3-5 minutes, then wash your baby’s head. With little hair, each week should massage the head 2-3 times.

Nurturing your child’s hair is not difficult but you should do it carefully to achieve the desired effect. There are many good foods that you can use them effectively. In addition, you can refer to MACSARA for more information about hair as well as hair care for each age. Our staff will provide all the information you need about hairstyles or hair extensions as well as hair care.