Top 7 noteworthy hairstyles of Regina King

As you may know, Regina King is known as an America actress, a director, and also a talented recipient of various accolades such as the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Primetime Award. In 2019, she is ranked among the 100 most influential names in the world.

Are you a big fan of Regina King? If you are, have you ever thought about trying her hairstyles? Why don’t you take a stroll around this article to choose a suitable haircut for this coming summer vacation? We ensure you will come up with dozens of ideas for your hair when spending your valuable time reading the following information.

1. Curly mane

Let’s take a look at this gorgeous hairstyle. One side of her hair is pulled back and the rest falls on the shoulder. This helps frame the jaw-line and creates a softer look. She has an oblong-shape face, a square jawline, and a high forehead. Also, she owns a golden-brown complexion with black eyebrows. Thus, to improve her appearance, curls flopping over to one side of her hair will form a sense of elegant and soft feel as well as an exotic and gorgeous look. And the color of her eyes is also intensified more thanks to the dark hair.

2. Pixie

Regina King chose pixie when she attended the 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards in March of 2010 in Los Angeles. We can’t deny this hairstyle helps highlight her honey complexion as well as emphasize her edgy face.

3. Braided curls

At the 8th Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Regina King looked so cool and rebellious with curls braided partially. Look at this hairstyle, people hardly believe that she is nearly 50 years old now since she’s so young, modern and dynamic. The side in which the hair is braided is the outstanding section of her hair. This hairdo plus the angle of her face will create amazing photos for many prestigious fashion magazines.

4. Short wavy cut

Regina King seems to be a big fan of white color and there’s no doubt that she pulls this color off easily. The sexy white dress will create a contrast to her skin. This contributes to accentuate her appearance. Adding waves to her haircut will bring a sense of luxuriance like myriads of waves floating in the sea. Girls who own thin hair should try this hairstyle as it will make their hair as thick as they wear hair extensions.

5. Cornrows ponytail

In 2012 at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, the remarkable appearance with stunning cornrows ponytail became a spotlight of many paparazzi. She looked sassy when wearing a ponytail along with cornrows. She wore a pair of sapphire earrings with the dress which has the same color with earrings to embellish her impressive hair.

6. Long braided

Regina King attends the 6th annual dreamer dinner benefits in Los Angeles, USA

Regina King looks like a queen with a noble and luxurious temperament when applying this hairstyle. The black color of her hair and dress can also play an important role in beautifying her mysterious but sexy appearance.

7. Textured hair

This is the hairstyle which the Oscar Award-winner used to advertise for ESSENCE’s art issue. The combination of voluminous kinky curls and the golden crown engraves the surpassing and hidden beauty of a powerful goddess. It’s so admirable for the magic hands of the stylist, Larry Slim who creates this stunning hairstyle. Moreover, since it has so many deeply kinky curls, her face seems to become less stiff.

Maybe those hairstyles above can’t be the most gorgeous ones, they deserve to be put in the list of the most striking ones anyway. We hope that these will be an inspiration for girls or ladies who desire to pursue unique hairstyles as Regina King. Leave a comment below to tell us which one you prefer.