Top 8 Nourishing Hair Oil Products For Dry Hair

Nourishing hair oil is an indispensable beauty product this winter.

Any girl would like to have smooth, shiny hair, however, in the winter, the dry weather and busy year-end activities leave them without enough time to “pamper” their hair properly. Only using shampoo and conditioner is not enough to provide the best nutrients for hair strands. Macsarahair would suggest some nourishing hair oil brands that you can use to make your hair stronger.

They are products that care, treat, and improve the health of your hair. This hair care product also nourishes hair by penetrating deeply into each strand of hair instead of just acting on the outer layer. In addition, hair oil also lubricates, replenishes fatty acids to replace the lost fat in the hair cuticle. This helps prevent frizz and hair loss, making it stronger. It is also used as a mask to protect hair from styling steps that use heat.

Let’s take a look at 8 indispensable hair oil products this winter 2019.

1. Ouai hair oil huile capillaire 

Extracted from African galangal root oil, Ama oil, and borage oil are used to protect hair from damage due to high temperatures when styling. The Ouai Hair Conditioner effectively solves split ends and tangles. The product is suitable for dyed hair to keep the color longer. The plus point is the impressive scents of Violet, Ylang-ylang and White musk.

2. Ogx renewing-argan oil of morocco extra penetrating-oil

Argan essential oil – a type of vegetable oil found in Morocco, Africa. Argan oil is clear yellow and has a slight aroma, which contains many vitamins E, antioxidants, carotenes, squalene, essential fatty acids, and many other nutrients. OGX Extra Penetrating Oil provides hair with nutrients, fast penetrating, restoring and moisturizing effectively. The gentle fragrance stimulates the sense of smell, you will feel the positive change of hair after a short time of using.

3. Moroccanoil treatment original

You only need to apply a dose of Moroccanoil product to the hair to fill damaged areas, reduce dryness and tangle. With instant softening and intensive moisturizing for hair, Morrocanoil can be mixed into any dye blend for optimal protection and maximum absorption of the hair dye.

Argan oil is rich in antioxidants that will change your hair, help your hair become smoother, and nourish deeply with precious nutrients from nature. The luxurious scent will give you a great experience.

4. Gisou honey infused hair oil

A type of honey-based hair oil helps maintain the hair’s natural moisture, making it stronger. Honey comes from the Negin Mirsalehi family’s bee garden, along with almond oil and coconut oil that moisturize hair. Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil also contains many vitamins, minerals and high antioxidants that help protect and restore damaged hair effectively.

5. Shu uemura essence absolue nourishing protective oil

Shu Uemura is formulated with camellia oil to enhance the optimal shine and moisture for the hair. Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil also protects hair from ultraviolet rays. The texture of the product is oily but your scalp and strand will not be oiled. This is a great choice for smooth, vibrant hair.

6. Rahua elixir hair oil

Rahua Elixir Hair Oil is an effective hair and scalp remedy. It restores even the most damaged hair ends, delivering moisture and shine after use. Formulated with 100% pure handmade Rahua oil, harvested in the Amazon rainforest, Rahua helps restore and strengthen the strength of weak and damaged hair. The hair will become healthier with the natural shine. Rahua Elixir oil also contains high levels of antioxidants that help to fight bacteria, balance and restore the scalp, making the scalp stronger. Thereby it can stimulate hair growth completely.

For dyed hair, Rahua Elixir contains ultra-fine molecules that penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, helping to keep the hair color longer. In particular, the fresh natural fragrance of Palo Santo wood adds a refreshing feeling to you when used.

7. Innisfree camellia essential hair oil serum

Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum helps restore heavy damage caused by chemicals for the hair, regaining the elasticity of hair strands. Hair will become strong and no longer hair loss as before using the product.

8. L’oreal paris elseve extraordinary oil ultra nourishing

With essential oils extracted from 6 types of flowers, L’oreal Paris Elseve Extraordinary Oil nourishes the hair, leaving the hair smooth, soft and firm. The ingredients in this hair oil are great for moisturizing dry, frizzy and damaged hair.

The hair after constant using time will become stronger, fluffy, moreover, the condition of hair breakage is also greatly reduced. It also gives you a sense of relaxation.

Do you note all these useful products for your winter hair care tips?  If you are wearing hair extensions, you should choose high-quality hair from humans, for example, 12 inch clip in hair. The good extensions not only help you to get a gorgeous hairstyle immediately but also enhance your hair healthy during the nourishing hair oil using period.