Top 9 Beautiful Female Players In World Cup 2019

With charming beauty that attracts every glimpse, these below names promise to be remembered with the men in World Cup 2019 tournament taking place in France in June this year.

1. Erika dos Santos (Brazil)

With a reasonable diet and regular exercise, Erika has a youthful and energetic face and many people are surprised to know that she has turned 31. This year after many missed appointments with major titles, the 2019 World Cup will undoubtedly be the tournament where the defender has high expectations to get her first league title with the national team. She owns long blonde straight hair that tied into an energetic high ponytail style.

2. Christen Press (USA)

Toned body and healthy skin help Press always be the first choice in every set of products promoting products of many famous world sports brands. She also regularly appeared on the cover of the famous magazine Sports Illustrated and was selected as one of the faces of the USA team in this tournament. She looks so beautiful in her long wavy brown hairdo with the USA team’s uniform.

3. Kosovare Asllani (Sweden)

Blond hair, white skin, brown eyes belong with Kosovare Asllani who has a strong Eastern European beauty and is a Miss in men’s eyes, especially for fans who track women’s football in general and the team Swedish team in particular. Not only possessing outstanding beauty, but the 30-year-old midfielder is also noticeable by the talent on the grass when she reaps numerous titles with her teams she has played like PSG, Man City or Linkopings. In the next tournament, Asllani will surely be determined to get the first title with the national team after being able to finish second at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

4. Julie Ertz (USA)

In the United States, rugby players often date famous models and actors. However, with Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles player, he chose a football player, Julie Ertz. Although she is not in the model world, with her beauty, Julie is clearly not inferior to other beauty in showbiz due to her charming long light blonde hair.

5. Ali Krieger (USA)

Although 34 years old, Krieger still possesses a beautiful beauty and a fiery body that any guy wants to date. She is a member of the Orlando Pride Club and the US team. Look at the below picture, there is no doubt to say that she is so spectacular with her long brown hair. In football matches, she always has a bun hairstyle but in normal days she lets her hair down naturally. The 2019 World Cup will almost be Krieger’s last major tournament in the national team uniform. And sure, this defender and her teammates fought hard to help the defending team succeed the championship.

6. Amandine Henry (France)

“Talent and beauty exist together”, that is what can be said about the captain of the French team in the next tournament. The shiny golden hair, clear blue eyes and elegant beauty, French aristocratic style of the midfielder are always helping her to stand out and represent Les Blues at the 2019 World Cup. In the tournament that took place in her hometown, the goal of the French team was nothing but the championship. And the people of this great continent will surely expect a lot on Amandine, the player who won the silver ball title in the tournament that took place four years ago.

 7. Toni Duggan (UK)

Not only is the “assassin” on the English attackers, but Duggan is also ready to take down all the hearts of men and women with her unique, modern ponytail hair beauty. The striker currently plays for the Barcelona Femeni club and will be the top hope of fans in the fog country of changing the metal color in the 2019 World Cup.

8. Lee Min-ah (Korea)

Wearing the national team uniform from 2012, but Lee Min-Ah’s reputation only really got out of Korean territory when she and the national team attended ASIAD 18 in Indonesia. Possessing a gentle, courteous beauty, silky black hair and ruddy skin with a gentle smile, Korean players became one of the most sought names during the tournament. On Instagram, Lee regularly posts photos of her daily life when she does not wear a Korean team uniform. Her profile received more than 80,000 followers, each of which posted more than 20,000 likes and hundreds of comments from fans.

9. Alex Morgan (USA)

At the age of 30, this beautiful striker owns almost every title during her career, culminating in the London 2012 Olympic gold medal as well as the 2015 World Cup championship. With a proven talent, wavy brown hairstyle, a lovely face and a supermodel body, it is not hard to understand that Alex Morgan regularly shows on American television programs and is a familiar name on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. She is also the player with the largest number of followers on the social network at this tournament with the number of followers on Instagram of 5.8 million and Twitter of 3.5 million. Are you a big fan of these “super fascinating” female players? And you also want to graceful hairdos like them so visit MACSARA store to boost your hair beauty.