Top Gorgeous Sombre Hair For You

It comes no surprise that dark color hair always looks great. We can wear a brunette to take part in almost any occasion both formal and informal. Some highlights will have the power to create more dimension to the whole look. If you want to stand out but not too dramatic, the Sombre hair can definitely draw more attention on the street. No matter what color you choose, you will surely look amazing with all those sexy strands framing your face. Sombre is a fantastic on-going trend that we are sure you will love it once seeing it, but do you know what it exactly is? No? Then scroll and check it out!

 1. What is Sombre hair?

Sombre stands for subtle Ombre and is exactly what it sounds like. In fact, it is a softer version of Ombre hair. It’s not as bold as color melting or even Balayage, however. It fades out natural hair colors into brighter and brighter locks the farther down the strand you go.

As mentioned above, Sombre is a variation on the all-time favorite Ombre style. It looks fantastic on dark browns and blacks, as well as virtually any shade of blonde. An example might be someone with very dark brown hair that gradually fades to medium chestnut, then medium blonde and then a honey blonde at the ends. Each color change starts as wispy highlights, which become bolder farther down. This creates a more seamless look as colors blend and an overall subtle fading effect is achieved. Roots can grow out more without being as noticeable, as well.

The most interesting aspect of the look is that no layer of hair truly has just its own color going on, either. Darker hues are subtly mixed farther down. Brighter hues can start next to the face farther up around the eye. So…getting tempted to try Sombre yet?

2. Some Sombre hair Ideas and Looks

Are you crazy about Sombre hair now? Take a look at all of the remarkable variations of the Sombre technique down below and discover just how amazing it truly is.

Coffee Sombre

If you’re finding a Sombre hairstyle that looks as delicious as your morning latte, don’t go ignored this coffee-colored hair look. It serves up a creamy mixture of warm browns and blondes.

Chilli chocolate hair

Chilli chocolate is perfect for those who are a bit nervous about going the full way. Reds and rich warm gingers are the colors of the moment and this look will give you a touch of the action without having to fully commit. The color is a perfect combination of a deep chocolate brown with an auburn hue, to get the illusion of sun-kissed hair without it looking unnatural. If you’re bored with your plain brown hair, this Chilli chocolate hair is a great option.

Toasted coconut hair

If you’re a brunette-haired person but to be in love with a blonde hue, we highly recommend this toasted coconut: the hot new hair color taking over our Instagram feeds. This look illustrates one of the more bold color differences on our Sombre list, but the superbly blended shades leave the style looking amazingly soft and subtle. We are absolutely loving this subtle Sombre version. What about you?

Dark Blue Sombre

There is a misunderstanding that the possibility of Sombre hair for black hair are limited compared to a dark brown sombre. But if you’re open to trying unnatural colors there’s an ocean of styles to choose from. This sombre is made of black and blue color. It creates a rich, squid ink palette that will look black from a distance but shines brilliantly in the light.

Warm Caramel Sombre

Here we see Kim Kardashian is flaunting a warm caramel Sombre. This hair color makes a sharp contrast in color from roots to tips, but some gentle blending keeps this style from looking too harsh or bold. If you’ve got golden skin and darker eyebrows, this Sombre style will perfectly lighten up your face without messing with your aesthetic.

Subtle red blonde Sombre

It is supposed that Red and blonde are born for each other. Putting a golden or pale blonde ombre over your red hair creates a nice strawberry blonde sombre style that’s great for summer or anytime you’re looking to punch up your natural red mane. See how Emma Stone looks with this Subtle red blonde Sombre and get inspiration for your next hair change.

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