If you want to refresh your physiognomy but still don’t know where to start, why don’t you start changing from hair? Dying a new color for your hair may be the easiest way. This article will recommend you some trendy hair color in summer 2019 that you can consult.


Black hair color
Black hair color

While you are brainstorming about what color to dye your hair, many ladies decided to back to the classic black color. Black-brown or jet-black both are very suitable for those people with white skin. For those lasses who have experienced enough “playfully” colors, and now want your hair to “take a rest”, classic black may be the most reasonable choice for you. This color may make you a little “older” than other colors but it looks very luxurious and will help you effectively cover damaged hair.

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Cold brown

Cold brown is a popular hair color that is loved by many young ladies in recent years and has not had a tendency to cool down. Hairdressing experts appreciate this dye because it has the advantages that not all hair dye colors can have. Those tones almost suitable for all skin colors and especially, you don’t have to need hair bleaching so the hair is not damaged too much.

Cold brown does not make the dyed people mix among the crowd, this hair color is miraculously refreshing itself. Girls dyed in cold brown emitted the attraction making many people curious. This is a great choice you should consult.

Smoke brown

This is a beautiful hair dye with a modern style and personality that any girl is fascinated and liked. Currently, this smoke brown trend of coloring beautiful hair is a lot of girls’ love because it always has a flexible variation and this is a combination of the two most popular hair colors that are brown and smoke.

Brown purple chocolate

Last year, this color has created a “fever” in the beauty world. In 2019, you will be completely fascinated with brown chocolate with a hint of purple. Not too picky, this hair color is a reasonable choice for most women with Asian skin.

Charcoal color

Not so striking as other colors, charcoal color brings a very attractive beauty. This is an ingenious mix of traditional black and modern silver tones. Charcoal color is suitable for most women because it not too picky.


Not as bright as silver “grandmother” but not too submerged like traditional black, this is the color of hair that harmonizes the two shades. The hair is still dark enough when you go to luxurious places but also enough personality in the sunshine.

Strawberry blonde

With warm colors, strawberry blonde creates a pleasant feeling. This dyed hair color will help you become attractive. The hair will capture every look by the splendor and luxury.

Light blonde

Light blonde
Light blonde

This color has never shown signs of cooling because it is never a fad, light blonde makes the face always bright and very suitable for people with white skin.

Honey blonde

If you like sweetness then try this color. With sparkling colors, the stream of hair will become more floating under the sun with the sea trips, surely you will have an extremely memorable photoshoot with this hair color. Don’t forget to dye your eyebrow with the same color to make your look more outstanding.

Dark blue

If you like the mystical style, you can try dark blue. This is even more idea if you have long, wavy hair. This hair color is not too picky so everyone can dye it.

Red copper

Red copper is also known as burnt orange. This is a dyed hair color, which can be combined with highlight color to create an alternative. This color is quite picky and bright so it is only suitable for girls with white skin. Those with tan skin should consider carefully because this color can tarnish the skin after dying.

Mossy brown color

The mossy brown color is the perfect combination of golden brown and mossy color. This color may bring you a feminine, gentle appearance and this is best suited for women with bright white skin.

Possessing this hair color, you only need to apply a light makeup with orange lipstick is enough to capture every look.


Amber hair color is a quite new color but it is chosen by many devotees because it helps brighten the skin and makes the hair become more attractive. This beautiful color is a very new hair color in 2019. This is also a color tone to bring out the personality and serenity for those who like long hair.

To sum up, there are various hair colors for you to choose to refresh yourself in summer 2019. However, dying too many times may make your hair damaged and weak. If you don’t want to harm your hair with different anilines, Macsarahair‘s wigs hair or hair extensions which are very diverse in textures and colors is an amazing alternative method. Come to our products list and make the right decision.