Trendy Coachella-inspired Hairstyles That You Cannot Miss In 2019

Right after booking the tickets for the hottest music festival, you may plan everything from the flight, hotel, and places to eat and take a selfie. And for somebody — the first thing to come up with is: What will we do with our hair and makeup and how about the trendy outfits? It’s a suitable time to get your fave festival hairstyle on.

Trendy Coachella-inspired Hairstyles That You Cannot Miss In 2019

Well, when it comes to the hairstyles, flower crowns and glitter are some of your choices, but those aren’t your only options. Creative with braids or wigs such as neon wigs and rainbow braids are both given. There’s no better time than Coachella to try on some impressive hair ideas. Opting for a hairstyle with its all-day longevity is the thing that you should take into consideration as you can dance through a day in the desert with this.

Thus we’ve just rounded up a few festival-inspired styles that you can stun as a festival goddess. Now, it’s time to check them out.

Half-Up Disco Buns

This is one of the simplest hairstyles that you can make. The half-up ‘do with double baby buns is absolutely suitable for those who are looking for a bit more low-key. Your bun will be the focal point of your appearance at the end, along with the long tresses frame your face perfectly. You also can draw attention by adding some cool sparkling detail on your face.

Volumized Texture

Embracing your natural curls is definitely necessary to create this look. The only rule is to make your texture as big as possible. The tie your natural curls up into a pony on the top of your head. Clip a few bobby pins to hold the back of your pony and keep your curls to the highest level.

Major Rainbow

Don’t be panic that you have to dye your hair like this or your hair will be damaged by bleaching. Just getting some hair chalk and enjoying the holiday with a stunning hairstyle.

Desert-Blown Top Knot

Lilly Maymac has rocked this hairstyle at Coachella. A dusty, sweaty and messy top knot may be the right one after dancing all day in Coachella. This is absolutely different from those glamorous Instagram shots. A messy top knot hairstyle is perfect and quick ‘do. All you need to do is just tease the roots of your day-old hair and swirl it up into a bun on top of your head.  Let some loose strand down your face for an undone look and remember to use some hairspray and a little texture spray too.

Unicorn Bun

You may own one of the most impressive hairstyles in Coachella festival if you just move toward your typical top knot a few inches on your head and see your results. This style gives you the feeling of the uni inspo that makes you look super cool and fashionable.

Pierced Braid Ponytail

You may see this hairstyle very often since many fashion bloggers and even Ariana Grande has rocked this look at Coachella. This is fairly simple to do and gives you a playful vibe and a bit crazy fierce. Make a cornrow braid at the center of your hair and tie with a small clear elastic. Then, install the rest of your hair up into a high ponytail.

This is some of the inspo from Coachella that you can add to the must-try list right away. Visit Macsarahair. com if you are interested in hair extensions and you will find the best one to add more volume and length to your hair.