Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

Choosing a suitable hairstyle for face shape is an essential stage in the beauty process of every girl and clearly, this is never an easy thing. In a thousand different hairstyles, long or short, straight or curly, etc. girls always have to carefully consider which texture could be most beautiful and best suited to them. Understand their concerns, MACSARA has collected some trendy hairstyles in 2019 for girls to consult.

In this article, we classified these hairstyles into three categories corresponding to three different lengths of the hairstyles for womenlong hairmedium-length hair, and short hair. Are you ready to discover a variety of hairstyles world? Let’s start now!

  1. Long hairstyles

Hair looks good at every length if you know how to properly style it. But longer hair gives you more room to texture it with colors, layers, and styles. Let’s take a look at some pretty long hairstyles below.

Flipped Out Straight Hair

macsara Flipped Out Straight Hair large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

If you have long straight hair then you are ready to pull off a classic look. The hair is trimmed into multiple layers and stacked together in order to make highlights for your hair. The hair tips are sharp cut to eliminate the unnecessary part so that your hair becomes more floating and full of vitality. You can use a round brush to build volume and flip the ends out. The fabulous hair cascades on the sides of the head may be slightly messy but totally an elegant look.

Long Layer Soft Wavy Hair

macsara Long Layer Soft Wavy Hair large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

This hairstyle is suitable for those girls who are not into trying hard with their hair because this hairdo is very simple and suited with any face shape. Especially if you have the sun-kissed blonde hair color then this is absolutely the hairstyle for you! The center part and beaching waves contribute to the stunning and charming look. Have you ever try on this hairstyle?

Blown-Out Curls

macsara Blown Out Curls large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

This hairstyle brings you a movie star look. That’s why many top pop stars such as Rihanna or Beyoncé, etc. decided to switch to this hairdo in order to rock a stronger image. With those floating deep curls, we bet you will be more attractive than ever before.

  1. Medium- length hairstyles

Natural Medium- Length With A Sparse Manemacsara Natural Medium Length With A Sparse Mane large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

The wonderful combination of the shoulder-length hair and the sparse bang is a perfect solution for round face girls. The trimmed sideburns on both sides following the face line will help your face look smaller.

Straight Medium-Length Hairstyles With Side Bang

macsara Straight Medium Length Hairstyles With Side Bang large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

The straightened hair combines with the tidily trimmed side bang bringing an opulent feel. This hairstyle is appropriate for those liberal girls to go to work, to school or go out with friends, etc. You only need to cut your hair to shoulder-length and use a curler to simply straighten it, this may be the most effortless medium-length hairdo. Of course, the hair care for this hairstyle is not worth discussing.

Medium- Length Hairstyle With Blunt Bang

macsara Medium Length Hairstyle With Blunt Bang large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

This fabulous haircut not only helps you to cheat on your age but also fit with girls having a long pointed face. The soft waves will help you not only cuter but also more feminine. This would be more stunning if you dye your hair in fresh colors such as blonde, light brown, red copper, etc.

Loose Curly Medium- Length Texture

macsara Loose Curly Medium - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

macsara Loose Curly Medium - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

  1. Short hairstyles

The Equal Tail Bob

macsara The Equal Tail Bob large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

Bob, the most favorite hairstyle in the past few years, will continue to maintain its popularity. The equal tail Bob is predicted by the leading hair experts to become a “king” among other short hairstyles in 2019. It’s suitable for all kinds of face, just only need to adjust the hair’s length according to each face shape: the small face can choose the above- chin length, the round big face can opt for the above- shoulder length. In addition, this hairstyle also creates an illusion of thicker hair, thus be an ideal hairdo for girls having thin hair.

Curly Bob Haircut

macsara Curly Bob Haircut large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

Just make a small transformation with your classic Bob to create an impressive look. Such kind of messy curly short hairstyle is fit with everyday attire.

The Highlighted Faux Hawk

- Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

For those who want to have a bold experiment with the edgy look of your short hair, this haircut is a perfect choice for you. This completely is a fun and funky style for parties.

Messy Layered Bob

macsara Messy Layered Bob large - Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

This is an interesting variant of the classic Bob. Use a round brush and a dryer to make the volume on your hair, ruffled layers can easily create a chic model look. Remember to apply some hairspray to hold the hair shape longer and have a better effect.

Here are some beautiful hairstyles for you to consult. Hopefully, with this article, you can successfully change to have a fabulous look. In case you want to try on various hairstyles as much as possible in such a short period of time without damaging the hair, our MACSARA’s wigs hair and hair extensions are always here to help you. Buy our hair items, you will have the best quality product at the most reasonable price. Come to our store and take a look, we bet it will not waste your time!