Trendy Short Summer Haircuts For Women

Since the cold winter months become a distant memory and the short summer haircuts is right around the corner, we naturally crave reinvention by changing up our look. We are so ready to refresh our heavy locks for a breezier, more charming summer cut, especially when you are a woman.

Short hairstyle is always a popular option to deal with the burning hot summer days as they are not only compact but also very easy to style and maintain as well as take care of. However, there are plenty of short hairstyles that always change with new trends coming in vogue every now and then. Hence, it is very important to not only opt for a suitable short haircut but also quickly adapt to the trend.

Check out our favorite latest short haircuts which are all cool and luscious, consult and you may find out the most suitable one based on your face shape, hair texture, and personality. Now, are you ready to refresh yourself for a brand-new you?

Blunt Cut + Inverted Bob + Slight Framing Around The Oval Face

This is a perfect formula for girls with an oval face! To be honest, the oval face shape may be the most versatile face shape for most haircuts as it is only slightly longer than its wide. But since we are talking about short hairstyles in this article, a bold cut, short blunt lob as Jessica Alba in this picture may be the most appropriate “friend” for an oval face. This exquisite haircut will make your oval face look more harmonious and feminine. To achieve this look for yourself, don’t be tempted to get lots of layers because the blunt cut is the highlight of this cut. If you’re afraid of the rigid of the blunt cut and want to soften the look, you can ask for framing around your face.

Deep Layer + Piecey Side Bangs That Hit Mid-Cheeks

If you are owning a heart face shape, this haircut is best suited for you. As you can see Chloe Grace in this picture, a heart face shape is when your forehead is the widest part of your face and your chin is the narrowest. This is also known as an inverted triangle. This face shape may bring you a cute look but if you don’t know to choose a suitable hairstyle, that will make your face look big and out of harmony. A shoulder-lengthbeachy hair cut with lots of layers toward the bottom will create the illusion of narrowing the width of your forehead while having more width in your jaw. Moreover, the long side bangs that frame both sides of your forehead and parting your hair down the middle will help camouflage the width of your forehead and make your face look longer.

Subtle Layers + Shoulder Length + Deep, Straight-Across Bangs

This haircut is suitable for oblong-face girls. Long face shape is similar to the oval face shape but narrower and longer. For the face shape, the picky hairstyle is quite difficult but everything will be simple with a bang! Bangs especially flatter your face shape since they cut the length of your face down and creating the illusion of a more balanced face length. Looking more lovely and radiant in the summer by keeping your blunt bang and cut your hair to shoulder-length with one or two layers, we bet you can capture every opposite look.

Shoulder Length + Long Layers + Curtain Bangs That Hit A Jaw

You will look more stunning and charming with this haircut, especially when you have a round face shape. A round face shape typically has softer features, with full cheeks, a rounded chin, and a wider forehead. The goal to choose a proper hairstyle with this face shape is that the haircut must elongate the roundness of the face and make an illusion of thinner shape. This is when the contrasting cuts with longer, angular layers will be an appropriate choice. The parted curtain bangs hit at the jawline will create an imaginary line down the face for the overall illusion of an “oval” face.

Inverted Bob + Deep Layers + Piecey Cut

This haircut is perfect for those girls having a square face. A square face shape, in the opposite with round face shape, has an angular, defined jawline and prominent cheekbones. This face shape is especially picky with the hairstyle. You will become an attractive and mysterious lady if you opt for the right haircut, but this face shape will immediately turn you to a rough girl with a ridiculous look once you make a wrong decision with your haircut. A soft, fun beachy cut with lots of deep layers like Keira Knightley in this picture will help you to deal with this that matter. The inverted lob will soften the square features on your face while the long layers in the front will frame your face.

Hopefully, these recommendations are useful for you to become more confident and beautiful in the summer. Which haircut is the most suitable choice for you? Let Macsarahair know by leaving comments on the comment section below!