“Trendy” With These Eight 70s-Vibe Hairstyles

Have you ever wondered how to do a 70s hairstyle?

Those are simple, classic yet sexy hairstyles that still have the special appeal of the variations from curly hair, straight hair, etc. or even gently leaving it loose down also makes so many eyes fall in love.

As soon as the new trend season was on the move, the fashion trend of the 70s was transformed dramatically. Reputable fashion brands from around the world lead the enthusiastic world back to the classic, deep-hearted of the previous era collections and designs that couldn’t be more impressive. Therefore, the makeup style, as well as the hairstyle trend of the new season, also tended to follow the classic, gentle of this trend.

1. Big curls

This large-curl style is a classic retro style of the 70s. This hairstyle is light, fluffy, feminine, graceful and intentionally messy. Compared to the traditional classic of the 70s, it had many different changes, this year’s new hairstyle will only be as short as shoulder, so it is very gentle, the two sides bangs are curled into soft perms, giving a sensual sensation and much more charming. Another special feature is that the perms are carefully curled and floated but still retain the natural features, soft and easily fit with many face shapes.

2. Messy fishtail braid

Braided fishtail hairstyle on both sides is an interesting suggestion for giving a young, slightly naughty image for sisters this summer. With the subtle nostalgia of the 70s, the hair was fishtail braided on both sides, tied at the end and made little tangles in the bangs. The free-flowing curls look full of spontaneity and improvisation, this is definitely a hairstyle that contains all the beautiful features that a girl always wants. This braided fishtail hairstyle will extremely suit the natural makeup style, which is not too dark but emphasize on the lips and eyes, creating a deep, sexy look.

3. Messy curly hair

As one of the hairstyles that always make a lasting trend in the style of women and with this autumn, fashion experts have forecast that this messy style is more favored than ever thanks to the strong throne of the 70s fashion trend. This hairstyle will be perfect with thick, strong hair. But if you have thin hair, do not worry, each curly messy hair can still create a thicker and more attractive effect for your hair.

4. Curly bangs

Indifference, “half in the other” in fashion always contains hidden charm and irresistible charm. And this hairstyle is a perfect demonstration. You do not need to curl the whole head, just choose the bangs and sides to curl, a gentle hairstyle with extremely subtle bulging. To complete the sharp, striking look for this hairstyle, combine a pair of smoky eyes and a sexy nude lips.

5. Big, clear relaxed curls

A special curly hairstyle with a straight upper and only slight curl at the tail has been being used by women most recently. Not impressed by the charm or uniqueness, the hairstyle is scored by emphasizing the curly tail as it enhances the sweetness and elegance of women.

6. Middle-parted straight hair

Besides the sexy variations of a bobbing curly hair, the simplicity but alluringness of the straight hairstyle becomes a particularly attractive highlight. Glamorousness, powerfulness, and generousness will be the beautiful words used to describe this straight hairstyle of this year. Not too fussy like curly hairstyle, just a simply straightened hair said all the sharpness, stylishness and independence of women. This hairstyle completes the modern, contemporary look based on the classic, deep emotions of the previous era, and it will not make you feel frustrated or disturbed when deciding to choose.

7. Natural hair, sparse bangs

There is nothing complicated or difficult when styling but this natural hairstyle always brings out the gentle, feminine beauty for women. A free-flowing hair, the thin bangs covering the forehead as naturally as possible. Sometimes you can add a little strong characteristic, generosity to this gentleness by messing up the ends of the hair, adding a little spray to make the texture easier to hold.

8. Shoulder-length hair with blunt/no bangs

Simply change from blunt or no bangs, the shoulder-length hairstyle gives you another image. If you want to become a gentle, feminine girl, you can try the cute, innocent short bangs. And if you want to be a bit more mature, just change to no bangs. Whatever the hairstyle, this shoulder-length hairstyle also helps the girls to have a beautiful hair shape and attractive face.

Which hairstyle do you like the most? Don’t hesitate to let us know by leaving the comment below!

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