Tricks for faster hair dry

In a busy life, there will be days when you come home after a long working day and feel too tired. At that time, you just wish to leave yourself more time with your bed. However, the hair is so itchy and the ends are ragged because of dirt. And a hair wash cannot go ignored. So, how to speed up your drying time? Whether it can be cut in a half? Exactly yes! And below are some tricks for faster hair dry. Do experiments with them to save your sleeping time.

1. Gently shake your hair after washing 


When you have finished washing your hair, do not twist the hair to squeeze the water. Instead, you show to keep your head down, gently lift the hair roots and then shake the hair. This act will help the water remaining on the hair flow down, loosen the hair strands, limit water retention and then the air will flow between the strands to help dry faster. Besides, gently shaking the hair also helps your hair smoother without damaging the cuticles.

2. Use conditioner


The more nutrients the hair lacks, the more time it needs to dry out. Therefore, after shampooing, it is necessary to provide some conditioner to the hair. This, in turn, softens and helps your hair dry faster. The silicone in conditioner coats each strand and seals it down, repelling water in the process.

After applying conditioner, use a wide toothbrush to ensure an even application and then gently smooth the hair while minimizing water buildup.

Watch out: However, this solution takes effect only on girls who already have strong hair. Because using too much silicone in hair care products is another threat to hair. There is also a strong impact of combs when the hair is wet. It is known that wet hair is weakest and prone to breakage, so you need to be extra careful when applying this quick-drying method.

3. Dry your hair with a T-shirt

Yes, it is not kidding! You can dry your hair faster with a T-shirt. This method works best on curly hair, whether it’s natural or be done.

It is extremely useful in keeping the structure of each curly hair as beautiful as it has just been curled. Indeed, using this technique not only allows your curls to dry faster, but also helps them retain their natural appearance.

The procedure is simple:

  • First, apply a conditioner without shampooing or styling cream.
  • Then, place the T-shirt on a flat surface, lower your head, and slowly roll the top of your shirt to the top of your head (around the forehead).
  • Next, use the rest of the body of your shirt to fold it up, hugging your curly hair. Fix it with knots from the sleeve. Leave it on for 10-20 minutes (consider it a habit you can’t skip every morning).
  • Finally, just take off your T-shirt and shake your head a little, making sure that in a few moments your hair will dry itself without using a dryer.

4. Using a fan


A fan is the best dry hair tool that every girl should know about. With fans, you can adjust the air temperature to your liking, just gently remove your hair with your hands and let them dry naturally. When using a fan to dry your hair, you will be completely assured because they will not damage your hair.

If you want to style your hair, then after drying your hair from the fan, use a small heat dryer to style your favorite hair.

5. Using a soft towel


Many women have a habit of drying the hair with a dry towel. But this is completely wrong and will make your hair weak and damaged faster. Instead, you should use a soft towel which is great at absorbing water, cover your hair, and gently squeeze it so that water from your hair gets into the towel. Next, use your fingers to spread the hair to dry hair faster.

Or you can wrap your hair in a towel and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. During this time, you can do other household chores. Then, open the towel and let it free for a few minutes in the air to allow the hair to dry completely.

So these are some tricks for faster dry hair for you. Hopefully, it’s useful for you. Try out and tell us which one is the most effective method for you. For more interesting hair care tips, the newest hairstyles and hair trends, visit our MACSARA website! There, we have all you need to make your hair more gorgeous with hair extension varying in lengths, textures and colors.

Let us help shine your beauty!