Try Out The Beautiful Hairstyles In The Game Of Thrones For This Fall

For modern women, the hair may reflect their feelings in a life stage, or simply a fashion option. However, for storytellers, each image must be a mirror of the idea they want to convey. The Game of Thrones filmmaker was extremely skillful in using hair to tell the story of the beautiful people in the film. Therefore, this MACSARA article will help you to refer to many amazing hairdos that can make your hair look better.

Interestingly, the George R Martin series focuses on many female characters. Although the film has chosen its direction, the important characters left in the game are mostly female and take the leadership position. It can be said that Martin’s preference for female characters is one of the factors that help the Game of Thrones be well-known after 8 years of showing.


Each Game of Thrones episode costs about 10 million production costs that every detail of the image is extremely meticulously cared for. Kevin Alexander, the film’s hairstylist, said he closely followed the hair color description of the author of George R. Martin’s books because each color is symbolic and important to the plot.

Alexander estimates that between 20 and 30 wigs are used in the Game of Thrones movie. Each hair for main characters like Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), Cersei (Lena Headey), Malisandre (Carice van Houten), and Margeary (Natalie Dormer) cost up to $ 7,000. The reason for this high price is because the price of wigs will increase with the length, and each hair is up to 60-70cm (24-28 inches).

Wigs are re-colored and re-style together to hair color forms on film. Each character’s wig is carefully handled like real hair, and at night it is put on a stand in the shape of each actor’s head.

Besides, Alexander and the film’s stylist team also had to work with dye. For characters who don’t use wigs, they have to mix the colors themselves to create the desired nuance.

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“High Garden’s thorns rose” always appears with glamorous outfits and gorgeous hair styling. In a velvet life, Margaery seldom had any anxiety, until disaster struck.

Create the character Margaery Tyrell in the Game of Thrones movie.

With clever and calculating potential, Margaery makes audiences also unable to guess the true nature of this character.

Margaery in her wedding to the second king she completely captured.

Rare ugly moment of the character.


Characterized by the Targaryen family, the white hair of the Dragon Mother is a strong highlight of the character. Daenerys’ first photo frame with sad eyes and naturally soft curly hair immediately made the audience fall in love with her.

After becoming Khaleesi of the Dothraki tribe, she began braiding her hair like the people of this tribe. The braid hairstyle continues to follow her throughout the journey to conquer other lands.

Emilia has two wigs for the clean, and filthy scenes. To make the hair look like a character who never bathes, Alexander uses the secret: Vaseline. He applied Vaseline to the actor’s hair to make it flat, then dried it, braided it. Finally, the stylist will sprinkle dirt powder – a real makeup product – on the hair.

In the latest episode of season 8 – the last season of the series – Danaerys continues to show off complex braided hairdos. This time the strands of her hair forming a heart shape behind her head, perhaps reflecting the budding love for Jon Snow?

Daenerys Stormborn and Jon Snow in season 8 of Game of Thrones.


The most beautiful woman in the Seven Kingdoms – Cersei Lannister – always appeared with the shiny blonde hair which is typical of the Lannister family. Arrogant and pretentious, Cersei’s appearance contrasts with her complex psychology and unfortunate life. Disregarded for being a female, being used as a “stallion”, a marriage without love and having children with his brother, Cersei was not as perfect as her appearance at all.

Cersei at the eldest son’s wedding.

When not appearing in public, Queen Lannister simply tied her braids and put aside.

At the end of season 7, Cersei was subjected to incest by religious extremists by having her haircut and marching naked throughout the city. After that, finally, she pushed the character to the end with short hairstyle.


Sansa Stark is perhaps the character with the most psychological change, and also has a clear intention in styling her hair in Game of Thrones. When she moved to King’s Landing, she began styling her hair like a southern girl, instead of a northern hairstyle like the beginning of the movie.

Sophie Turner – the actor who plays Sansa – has naturally blonde hair. Because she was in the film at the age of 13, Alexander did not want to use peroxide-dyed color on her hair so he instead used watercolors. He mixed 4 colors together and Sophie had to dye it every 10 days.

Sansa started hairstyling like Southern girls.

The character of Sansa spends most of her time influenced by external factors. She cares about social status, how people around her perceive her, and is always a passive person. So Sansa’s hair is always a mirror image that she’s watching when she hasn’t found herself.

Sansa’s hairstyle is almost similar to Cersei Lannister when she’s around.

Margaery came to the capital, she became friends with Sansa and taught her things besides manipulation. At this point, viewers will see Sansa began styling similar to the Tyrell princess.

When she got rid of the enemy and became wiser, Sansa braided her hair like her mother, showing her heart towards the North.

When she has to hide her identity, she is forced to dye her hair black, marking the transition from “stupid girl with illusory dreams” into a mature woman.

Returning to Winterfell, her hair now reflects the influence of Cersei and her willingness to participate in the game of kingship.

In the last season, Lady Winterfell finally has her own path. She became a wise leader, managing Winterfell, and her brothers and sisters, preparing for the coming war. The film’s hairstylist continues to succeed in expressing this intention.