Use Small Parts Of Nature Ingredients To Nourish Hair

For those who have not enough money to buy expensive hair care products, this Macsarahair post will help you to note some natural ingredients to nourish your hair. You just need to spend several minutes to create a mixture that can change your poor hair condition.


1. Apple Peel

The habit of eating apples with or without shells is what we usually do but keeping the apple peel to improve damaged hair is a secret that many people don’t know. Gently rub the apple peel and leave on your hair for 10 minutes. Then wash your hair as usual. A special substance in apple peel-pelifenon-will helps your hair grow better. Besides, it also helps your nails not dull and moisturizes the skin.

2. Ginger, Garlic, Onion

The juice of these extremely easy-to-find tubers will be incredibly effective for hair loss. Use one of the tubers like ginger, garlic or onion to squeeze water. Apply the juice to your hair before bed and wash it the next morning. Over a week you will see an immediate effect on your damaged hair.

3. Lemon Seeds And Black Pepper

This is one of the saving-money methods which is equally effective with other methods. Sticking to these two nuts for a while, you will no longer worry about your hair loss.

With the two ingredients together, blend each one then mix well. You can add water to make a paste. Apply on hair roots and keep for 5-10 minutes. Although it may be a little hot at first, the effect will be clear after a short time. Your hair is not only smooth, shiny but also strong.

4. Green Tea

This is one of the few herbs that has a radical effect on both inside and outside the hair. Use tea leaves to cover your hair or use green tea water to wash your hair.

5. Black Sesame

Since ancient times, black sesame has been used as an effective medicine with the beauty and health of skin, hair, and nails. In particular, the vitamin E content in black sesame tops the list of wonder drugs for beauty. So why not use this simple and easy-to-find herb to enhance the health of your hair.

Dry roast a moderate amount of black sesame, puree, add sugar and drink every day. Not only does it help reduce hair loss but also the unsaturated fatty acids of black sesame help you lower blood cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis.

6. Aloe Vera

Not only is the medicine to help your skin revitalize but also aloe vera helps to condition hair well. The aloe vera gel is finely ground and applied to the roots for 20 minutes then rinse it off to avoid greasy hair. Because it has a natural cleansing and disinfecting effect, your scalp will be “cared for” more and more carefully!

The aloe vera is still redundant that you can salvage it to apply on your skin. Make sure not only is your hair more beautiful but your skin is also softer and healthier.

7. Camellia Japonica Essence

Tens of centuries ago, it was discovered that the essence of camellia japonica brought miraculous effects on hair. Many studies show that camellia essential oil contains vitamins A, B, C, E and omega 3, 6 fatty acids, especially, up to 80–88% omega 9. These nutrients help moisturize hair, nourish a healthy scalp, stimulate hair growth and help smooth hair.

It was an unflavored flower, the tea was still enough to seduce those who love beauty and silky hair.

The trend of using camellia oil for hair care is increasingly popular around the world. This essential oil has appeared in many brands of hair care cosmetics and is used by a number of famous beauties around the world.

However, camellia species are “luxurious” and extremely rare. But it is great if a dynamic, busy girl can squeeze special essential oils and apply the difficult hair care steps in the chaotic workday. Because nowadays, using hair extensions is a hot trend, especially, 14-inch clip in hair – a type of convenient hair product.

With the tips on the right nutrition, your hair will not break and look healthy. Feel free to style and beautify your hair!