Useful Hair Care Methods After Swimming

Going swimming always brings a lot of fun and cool comfort but it also causes many women to suffer from damaged hair. The hair care after swimming is not difficult, your hair will ensure strong and smooth with the proper steps. Therefore, Macsarahair brings to your hair the right care after you swim in this post to have healthy hair.

First, you need to understand that chlorine water can kill bacteria and ensure hygiene in the pool – destroying your hair factor. Chlorine will strip the natural protective oils of your hair, making it dry and weak, even brittle, breakage, dandruff, and discoloration. So the ways to care for healthy hair after swimming here are to help minimize the harmful effects of chlorine on the hair.


1. Want to maintain healthy hair after swimming, before going to the pool you should apply conditioner oil, massage for hair

15-20 minutes before going to the pool, applying the coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil or Moroccan oil will help to create a protective layer of moisturizing and waterproof for each hair and your scalp. It helps to prevent chlorine from coming into contact with the hair cuticle and affects hair color or discoloration.

2. Don’t forget to take a shower before getting into the pool

Many people do not understand why pool management always requires guests to take a shower before swimming, right? Because it helps your body cleaner and you will not bring the dirt, sweat into the pool. As for hair, it also helps a lot, when wet hair will absorb less water from the pool as well as remove the chemicals that are affecting the hair.

3. After wetting your hair, apply conditioner (hair conditioner) again before going to the pool

Applying a thick layer of hair conditioner will benefit quite well in this case. Not only does it protect your hair from chlorine and toxic chemicals in the pool but it also helps nourish your hair follicles to make them stronger, smoother.

4. Use hairspray for healthy hair after swimming

Before swimming, do not forget to use hairspray because they are very useful especially when you go swimming outdoors. As a sun protection layer, it helps you to prevent damage from harsh sunlight and maintain your hair hydration level.

5. Using a protective swim cap is the smartest way to take care of your hair when swimming

Swimming cap will prevent your hair from all surrounding conditions, keeping hair dry and not affected by chemicals. This is the smartest and most effective hair care method for women after swimming.

6. Wash your hair right after swimming 

Shampooing right after swimming will eliminate the amount of chlorine that is clinging to your hair. Chlorine is very sticky and difficult to clean if women do not remove immediately after swimming. Besides, you need to use an anti-chlorine shampoo to clean the chlorine and other chemicals on your hair. A regular shampoo might not work as well in this case. After shampooing, do not forget to use extra conditioner to prevent hair from drying out, adding moisture for your hair after swimming.

7. Using a wide-tooth comb after swimming

Do not brush your hair when it is wet because this time the scalp is weak, it will cause hair loss, especially after swimming. When the hair is almost dry, use a wide-tooth comb, it will be suitable for curly hair and quickly untangled without causing unfortunate breakage at all for your hair.

How to take care of your hair after swimming:

You can use one of the following ingredients to remove chlorine in your hair completely naturally and safely: Cider vinegar, baking soda powder, lemon juice, tomato juice. Execute this step 2-3 times/week for the strongest and smoother hair.

Another secret that Macsarahair wants to show with you is that 8-inch weave hair can be your good choice when going swimming. This hair is similar to your natural hair so it can limit the area that contacts the pool water, saving your real hair completely.

Swimming is the best way to relax, so with the hair care after swimming in the Macsarahair news, you can enjoy the fun that it brings without adversely affecting your beloved hair. We hope that you are always beautiful, healthy and most confident.