Virgin Remy Hair :100% Highest Quality Human Hair In Vietnam

Why should you choose the virgin Remy hair for your self?

Vietnam virgin hair: Highest quality human hair, cuticle intact, hand selected, processed with different technology to keep quality high.
This hair is more expensive because it is uncommon and it takes more work to process this hair. It will last up to a year or more because it is hand-selected and processed differently. It starts with vietnam virgin hair from healthy donors (never chemically treated in any way) and is hand-selected and cut. It is then sorted, cleaned with the natural gentle wash to prepare the hair. The hair is then put through a long color bath for several days to make sure the hair doesn’t undergo any harsh chemical process. This process alone sets apart virgin Remy hair from basic Remy because it is handled with care from collection to production. There are never any harsh chemicals that comprise the quality of the hair.

This hair will last over a year with proper care but expect to invest.Vietnam virgin hair is the same direction, cuticle intact, and the best for bleaching and dying.

Vietnam virgin hair is naturally dark in color and its thickness varies between fine to medium.

Virgin Remy hair is always suitable for everybody

Due to this reason, Vietnam virgin hair blends seamlessly with both Caucasian and ethnic textures. Vietnamese hair is also very versatile. In its natural form, it comes in light wavy to deep curly textures. However, it can be easily flat ironed to a sleek straight look as well. If you are looking for versatile, natural texture with beautiful bounce and fullness, Virgin Vietnamese Remy hair is the way to go. Virgin Vietnamese hair can also be easily color-lifted to blond and lighter tones. This is why virgin Remy hair from Vietnam is the most sought after hair by the extension lovers.