Ways To Wear Your Hair Straight For Your Wedding

Whether you’re looking for a nice hairstyle for your wedding, would like to go for some extensions to enhance your style, or you’re just simply considering a do that won’t damage your hair, straight hairstyles would be more than perfect. Straight hair suits anyone, and trust me, you won’t want an overdone hairstyle that would probably outshine your whole bridal look. Like, curly hairs sure are everyone’s favorite, as they’re luxurious, sophisticated, and fancy, but have you ever thought of giving up struggling to deal with all those hairsprays and crazy high heat for hairstyling? If yes, then you’re lucky, because we’re going to give you some best ideas for your straight wedding hairstyles and how to manage them.

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Considering straight hairstyles are far less complicated to style than the curls, it takes much time to decide if the hair suits you. Obviously, straight hairs are not for everyone. So, what factors are to be taken into account when opting for a straight hairstyle for your wedding?

Hair Thickness and Texture

- Ways To Wear Your Hair Straight For Your Wedding

One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a hairstyle is your hair texture and density. You may have fine, medium, or coarse hair texture. And for those who possess hair textures that are more of the fine side, going for a straight hairdo for your big day doesn’t sound so good. Instead, consider a do that would add volume and movement to your appearance. Those with medium and thick hair seem to be more advantageous because you’ll have no worry opting for straight bridal hair.

Hair Pattern

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Hair patterns are basically classified into 3 categories: straight, wavy, and curly. The main reason to take hair patterns into consideration is that they have huge influences on how you style your hair. For example, if your natural hair is straight, then having curls is definitely a challenge and vice versa, naturally curly and wavy hair are suitable to be blow-dried instead of hot ironed.

Hair Condition

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The current condition of your hair plays a significant role in deciding whether your hair will be able to go through any styling method, especially for long hairstyles. Your hair condition determines how well it can resist breakages and damages and how it can absorb substances. A way to assess your hair condition is to observe if your hair responded well to dyes or perms. If yours respond slowly, then you’re lucky, your hair is strong and elastic, and if it is easily broken, then it times you go watch against styling and go with your natural hair.

Face Shape

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Your face shape is the final thing to consider whether the straight wedding hairstyle will suit you. Since some dos will emphasize your faint features rather than hide them, it is best that you consult your hairstylist before deciding to go for any hairstyle – whether straight hair will do or should you have any coloring.

Continue to scroll through if you have made up your mind to wear straight hair for your wedding. Below are some of our picks for straight bridal hairstyles and how you manage it.

#1 Side Braid

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It is elegant, it is cute, and most importantly, it is a super simple hairstyle for your straight hair. So what you want to do first is to brush your hair thoroughly, you won’t want any knots and tangles while braiding. After that, part your hair on the right side, take out three small strands of your hair and braid the three strands as you normally braid your hair. Yet, before crossing the right strand over the middle again, pull in a bit more hair into the section, then continue your act. You want to repeat it as you continue to braid until you reach the ends. Secure your hair with a clear elastic and add some hair accessories (optional) for the last step.

#2 Half Up

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It would be amazing having a powerful flat ironed hair combined with the feminine half-up half-down style. All you have to do is to section the two strands above your temples, pull them back and pin them to your crown. Make an additional visual impact with some sparkling hairpieces and you’re done with your bridal hair look. Don’t worry that the do is too simple because it looks more sophisticated than you could actually imagine.

#3 Sleek Middle Part

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If you’re looking for a modern look for your wedding hairstyle, maybe the sleek middle part will help. First of all, you want to get a perfect center parting. Draw a line straight from the middle of your nose to your hairline and use a comb to draw the line on your crown. You may want to blow dry your hair before straitening it. This is for smooth and sleek effects. Section your hair into smaller parts and work your straightener. To finish your sleek look, apply some smoothing balms and the root touchup hairspray to make sure your hair wouldn’t look thin after being straightened.

#4 Messy Updo

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Here comes a classy wedding hairstyle, should you need one. An unkempt updo is just beyond perfect for a luscious bridal hairstyle. Just simply brush your hair and pull it to the side you want your updo on, make sure to do some hair treatment beforehand to lock moisture and smoothness. Then use a texturizing spray for a fuller look of your hair. You want to pull your hair into a ponytail, twist it and grab it around the base. Secure your hair with an elastic. To make it look messy and effortless, loosen some tendrils and tuck in some hair accessories.

#5 Side Swept

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Another classy wedding look is the elegant side-swept. Just simply straighten your hair at the firsthand, sweep it to one side and blow it smooth. You may use a round brush and focus the heat downwards to make your hair even smoother and silkier. Use some hairspray to keep your hair in place and prevent flyaways and apply some smoothing serum or light oil to create the perfect-imperfect effect, and you’re ready for the big day.