12 Weave Hair Styles You Should Try For A Gorgeous Look

These days, beautiful hair is one of the most important things a woman cares about, and hair weaves are the secret weapon behind the voluminous and ultra-glam locks that many are possessing. A hair weave is a hair extension that is attached to natural hair by sewing or gluing. While a hair weave is technically a hair extension, the term “weave” refers to the application technique. Once you have your hair weaves applied successfully, it’s time to rock any hairstyle you love! Don’t know what to try? Here we are with 12 weave hair styles that look gorgeous on anyone! Keep scrolling down to get inspired!

Weave Hair Styles

1. Natural curls

There is beauty in simplicity, so if you have curly weave hair, just let your curls flow naturally! The key is to keep them moisturized so they can always look their best. Whether you have black or brown curly hair, this is one of the weave styles for natural hair that will never go out of style!

Weave Hair Styles
Natural curls – quick hairstyles with weave

2. Deep side part curly weave hair

Curly hair is sexy by itself, but why don’t you give it extra glam by creating a deep side part? Embracing a deep side part, as shown in the image, instantly adds volume to the roots of your curly weave style. You can use pins to keep your curls in the position you want them to fall.

Weave Hair Styles
Deep side part curly weave hair

3. Long wavy weave with a headband

Who can deny the attractiveness of black long waves? With the help of hair weaves, every girl can now enjoy the volume and glam of flowing waves. If you want to keep your hair out of your face while looking cute and stunning at the same time, a headband will do the trick!

Weave Hair Styles
Long wavy weave with a headband – quick weave hair styles

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4. Curly dreadlocks

Tired of the same old black hair? Spice things up by blending vibrant raspberry pink weaves into your natural locks and twisting them into curly-ended dreadlocks. Sweep the dreads to one side and pin them up. This playful style is perfect for youthful individuals seeking a fresh and exciting change.

Weave Hair Styles
Curly dreadlocks

5. Half up half down waves

Embrace the youthful charm of half-up half-down waves, a style brimming with playfulness. This look is a favorite for those looking for a sense of youthfulness and vibrancy.

Weave Hair Styles
Half up half down waves

Achieve the look by gathering the front section of your hair into a ponytail while allowing the back to cascade freely. Try adding delicate wisps framing your face or crafting intricate designs with your edges, such as baby hair, to make it uniquely yours!

6. Bewitching box braids

Box braids have never gone out of style. Mixing the classic charm of box braids with the versatility of added weave strands gives you a stylish blend of textures and lengths. Whether you go for thicker braids or intricate patterns, this pairing lets you play with different colors and styles. It’s one of the hair styles with weave braids that you should give a try if you want to show off your confidence and creativity in a simple yet bold way.

Weave Hair Styles
Bewitching box braids – weave hair styles braids

7. Wavy lob

If you are interested in neither too long nor short hair, wavy lob is exactly the hairstyle you’ll love! The length has the best of both worlds – long enough to frame your face and short enough for low-maintenance.

With a chic side part, voluminous crown, and a radiant natural sheen, this wavy lob is just gorgeous!

Weave Hair Styles
Wavy lob

8. Goddess braids

Do you want to achieve flawlessly thick and exquisite goddess braids like the ones in this pic? By adding some weaves to your braids, you can effortlessly rock it! The added length and volume lend a touch of perfection to your look, ensuring you achieve the mesmerizing goddess braids appearance of your dream.

Weave Hair Styles
Goddess braids

9. Braided Ponytail Hairstyles for black hair weave styles

It’s safe to say that this is one of the hairstyles that takes the most time and effort, but the result is always worth it!

This style showcases the artistry of braiding woven seamlessly into a dynamic ponytail, creating a striking blend of texture and movement. From intricate cornrows to bold box braids, these braided ponytail hairstyles are absolutely alluring, right?

Weave Hair Styles
Braided Ponytail Hairstyles for black hair weave styles

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10. Asymmetrical Bob

Normally, people turn to hair weaves to add length to their natural hair, but this doesn’t mean a short hairstyle is not possible. If you don’t like the idea of having a haircut, you can experiment with a shorter length with hair weaves. And look at this picture, this asymmetrical bob looks really attractive. It is something that has never gone out of style!

Weave Hair Styles
Asymmetrical Bob

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11. Burgundy Wand Curls

Creating texture is achievable using hair bundles, even if your hair isn’t naturally curly. This burgundy look was crafted using body wave bundles and a curling wand. The body wave pattern might hold curls more effectively than a straight hair bundle, so go for it!

Weave Hair Styles
Burgundy Wand Curls

12. French braid

This classic technique intertwines seamlessly with the added weave, creating a harmonious blend of texture and depth. The French braid, with the infusion of weave strands, offers a unique twist on a beloved style, allowing you to experiment with length, volume, and creativity.

Weave Hair Styles
French braid – cute weave braid hairstyles

Final thoughts

From braids to curls and everything in between, these 12 weave hairstyles showcase the incredible versatility and creativity. Take the opportunity to experiment, express yourself, and enhance your look with these great options. Whether you’re looking for elegance, boldness or a bit of playfulness, these weaves set the stage for a truly stunning and transformative look!

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