Wedding Hairstyles And Dress Colors Ideas For Brides

From dazzling eyes, dewy makeup and glossy red lips to fancy dresses and silky hair, your wedding is where you should be the heroine, the center of attention. And that’s why you should be turning for this post, because in our post today, we’re giving you some coolest bridal beauty inspirations that would definitely of great help to your bridal transformation.

Should I wear a bold lip for my wedding? Well, trust us, you’d better not. It’s your wedding, it’s not somewhere you could do some kind of experimenting makeup. Your bridal look should be natural and original yet as eye-catching as possible. But makeup is just a part, what about your hairstyle? How should you style your hair for your wedding? What dress should you choose? What color can it be? Should you wear white? Or should you wear red? And we’re here to help you deal with such overwhelming problems you’re facing. Here are some of our pick for your bridal hairstyles and dress colors.

1. Wedding Hairstyle

The truth is, there are thousands of options, pretty much endless, for you to choose during your day of dos. And we’re not blaming you for feeling so overwhelmed by all those hairstyles out there. In fact, we can actually offer you some. Let’s see what those are, shall we?

#1 Crown Braid

Let’s start with the simplest one. A feminine and elegant crown braid would be a great option for your bridal hair look. Imagine walking down the aisle rocking a polish princess-like crown braid hairstyle, what can be better? Not to mention how easy it is to style the hair. I mean, you can totally style it by yourself. All you have to do is to smoothen your hair with a brush for the first step, then part your hair into two even sections. You want to braid the two sections as you normally do and flip the two plaits up over the top of your head. Secure the plaits with some bobby pins or elastic ties as you want, put some accessories on to make it even more expensive, and voila, you’ve got your perfect bridal hair.

#2 Classic Chignon

A classic wedding goes well with classic hairstyles, and the chignon is definitely the most suitable. Sweep your hair back and put it into a low chignon, you can never go wrong with this hairstyle. Upgrade your look with a string of pearl cuff or some sparkling hair accessories to up the romance, and you’re ready to rule your day.

#3 Twisted Updo

Twisted updos and brides are matches made in heaven, I’m telling you that. It’s beautiful, it’s fancy, and on top of that, a twisted updo can make one become the queen of the night thanks to its being able to soften your face, brighten it, and minimize the faint features on it. Start off by parting your hair into three segments, in which the back one should be the one to contain most of your hair, the other two sections at the front should only consist of a few plaits. For these two sections, you want to twist them in the same direction before crossing them over each other in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, you want to add some hairs from the back section to your twist, twist it the same direction as in the first step and cross it over again. Repeat the step until you have no hair left in the back section, then tie your braid with a small elastic when you reach the end; cross them over on the back of your head and use some hairpieces to hide the remaining part. Finish off your look with a thin layer of hairspray, and you’re ready to go.

#4 Wavy Half-up

Looking for a simple yet fresh look for your bridal hairstyle? Then the wavy half-up is the one for you. Like, who wouldn’t like a half-up? They’re pleased to look at, flirty, moreover, you might save quite a bit of time for this hairstyle. Work some mousse through your hair, scrunch it as you go while using the hairdryer at medium heat. If you want to make it faster, use the highest heat setting of the hairdryer, but make sure to use the heat protectant beforehand, won’t you? After styling your hair, part the tresses from ear to ear and secure it with a hairpin, and you’re done!

2. Wedding Dress Colors

That was for the hair, how about the dress? It’s no secret that white is the most go-to wedding color, still, that’s not all the cases. In fact, you can choose any hues to your liking. After all, it’s your wedding, isn’t it? But what’re the best color to choose from? Below, we have a list of the most favorite hair from our bridal tastemakers’ point of view:

#1 Champagne

Some mashup between the classic white, flirty pink and luxurious gold wouldn’t sound bad at all. Depending on the material you choose, your champagne gown can actually have different undertones, such as gold or even chocolate. A champagne silk dress would be great. But do you know what’s even better? The ivory lace is sewn to champagne tulle dress. This would make the lace completely stand out, not to mention how your gown will become more dimensional and detailed.

#2 Natural White

It’s always white when it comes to weddings. Having a classic white dress could never go wrong for your wedding. The natural white shade is actually perfect, as it’s somewhere between ivory and pure white, so you won’t have to worry that your dress will be either to white or to gold-turning. Besides, the white shade makes it softer for your appearance and is willing to wash out your unwanted complexions. So what are you waiting for not to put the natural white in your dress color list?

#3 Black and Blue

In case you don’t know this, blue was once the traditional color of wedding dress, and black has always been everyone’s favorite. So why not bring this into what you wear? If you’re demanding a truly unique wedding dress for your bold lifestyle, then these are for you. Black and blue are totally new for wedding dress nowadays, they’re bold yet still hella gorgeous and sophisticated. Moreover, black and blue flatter every skin type and work well with iridescent color schemes.

So, did any of these stunning looks above strike your fancy? ‘Cause they’re all so impressive for us. Keep on looking and we sure you’ll find your own bridal beauty look. Make sure to leave your comment on the comment section below and tell us what hairstyle and dress color you think would be the next to appear on the runway.