Wedding Hairstyles And Make-Up For Beautiful Brides-To-Be

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Marriage is a life-long affair and the bride will be the focus of the wedding party, so she needs to adorn herself to have a radiant and beautiful appearance on the wedding day. This requires a great commitment to dressing, bouquet, accessories, makeup, and hair as well. When it comes to hair and makeup, any bride wants to rock hair and make-up true to her natural style and that fits the vibe of her wedding, but also feels the image of a goddess! If she’s feeling confident, it’ll shine through and make her even more beautiful.

Choosing the perfect bridal hair and makeup is as important as choosing the wedding dress itself. A gorgeous hair and makeup combination will make you truly glow and look your best on your big day as well as on the pictures. Fortunately, the wedding hair and makeup style collection is endless. And today we only gathered some absolute favorite bridal hair and makeup trends at the moment. We hope you find this informative.

1. Bohemian (boho) Bridal Hairstyles

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In modern days, more brides choose to hold outdoor weddings than ever. This makes rooms for the popularity of bohemian hairstyles. These looks are creative, pretty and playfully wild, with soft curls, beach waves, and unfinished buns and braids, offering “effortless beauty” for any brides. Today we will introduce some beautiful, bohemian wedding hairstyles that will get your wheels turning and help you finish off your bridal style for your own important day. Long, wavy tresses or your curls topped off with a flower crown, you can find some of our favorite looks below!

Romantic Buns

This is one of the most popular bridal hairstyles today. The hair will be lightly tangled, raised and curled on the top of the head, creating a natural feeling, feminity, and modernity.

Romantic Buns large - Wedding Hairstyles And Make-Up For Beautiful Brides-To-Be

High bun hair exposes each chic line on the face, flattering the charisma and elegance. This bridal hairstyle is especially suitable for shoulder-length wedding dresses, helping brides show off their bare shoulders and sexy, seductive collarbone.

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While low bun hair crowns the noble and luxurious beauty. Short tufts are usually styled in a variety of ways, such as gentle puffs, stylized braids, or simple short buns. This bridal hairstyle shows more arrogance and nobility when combined with the chiffon veil. In addition, a wedding dress with lace will help the bride make-up layer more attractive, gentle and luxurious.

Delicate ponytail

Delicate ponytail large - Wedding Hairstyles And Make-Up For Beautiful Brides-To-Be

This bridal hairstyle has ruled the roost in Korea for a long time and increasingly favored by Asian brides. The hair is naturally curled and tied low on the back, with light curls to help the overall face more harmonious and exalts gentle, sophisticated beauty. The delicate ponytail hairstyle emphasizes feminity, simplicity, and honesty. This is most suitable for long hair. With this hairstyle, a simple wedding dress is definitely the perfect choice to help the bride become more beautiful and glamorous on her big day.


Truthful to say, braided hair can be considered as a universal hairstyle because it is suitable for many circumstances, faces and lengths of hair. With this hairstyle, the bride will add shimmer into her look and show her momentum.

Braid large - Wedding Hairstyles And Make-Up For Beautiful Brides-To-Be

For the biggest day of life, a bride can make her hair more sophisticated with a curly hairstyle or a braided French braid. The crown braids are also worthy to be taken into consideration because they bring the chic and help the bride show off her beautiful neck and shoulders.

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2. Wedding Makeup

You’ve found your dream wedding dress, tracked down the perfect pair of wedding shoes and found a hairstylist to transform your locks on the morning of your wedding. All that’s left behind now is decide on your wedding makeup look to tie the whole thing together! Look through this to get inspiration.

Natural Makeup

If you don’t usually wear much makeup or are worried about feeling ‘heavy’ then go for the natural makeup look. This is ideal for a casual wedding or if you’ve opted for a more detailed hairstyle.

Natural Makeup large - Wedding Hairstyles And Make-Up For Beautiful Brides-To-Be

Natural makeup is ideal for ensuring all-day longevity, focusing on dewy skin and neutral eye shadows. A nude lip means no colorful smudging after a ceremonial smooch, and if you can’t touch up regularly, it won’t be noticeable. A natural bridal makeup look is also perfect as it highlights your features, ensuring you are the best version of yourself on your special day.

Peachy Goddess

Peachy Goddess large - Wedding Hairstyles And Make-Up For Beautiful Brides-To-Be

No matter how old you are, what cloth you dress and what hairstyle you rock, this makeup will look absolutely charming on you! It is definitely a very simple but stunning makeup look that creates the illusion of natural skin. If you have already got fine skin then it will just promptly charm your beauty.

This makeup layer requires for neutral colors. The only place you could highlight with another color is your eyes. You can select for the smoky eye look if you want, but just a beautiful mix of beiges will do the trick. If you are going for the smoky eye look, do it with the whites and blacks to really stand out for the day.

Soft Smokey Eyes

Safe to say, shaped smokey eyes are the most popular bridal makeup looks because it keeps the focus on the eyes without being too over the top or edgy.
Soft Smokey Eyes large - Wedding Hairstyles And Make-Up For Beautiful Brides-To-Be

You can still achieve romantic smokey eye makeup without it looking too heavy or dark for your big day. You can build darker shades in the outer corners of the eye and lighter on the lid. If you aren’t a massive fan of ashy hues or they just don’t suit your complexion, come with sultry plum shades meaning you can still achieve the smokey trend. To balance the colors, finish with nude lipstick with warm undertones.

Wedding is a big business so think carefully about how you will dress that day and make sure your hair and makeup flatter your choice. Whichever you choose, it has to compliment you and emphasize your beauty. Colors that work with your skin tone, hairstyles that suit your natural hair. While you want to feel like a goddess on your wedding day, you also want to be yourself, in your best. Be inspired. Experiment. But always feel happy with the choices you’re making, for you.