Wedding Hairstyles: Long Wedding Hair Plans

For your upcoming nuptials, the gorgeous wedding long hairstyles are befitting for your lengthy locks. The long wedding hair options are endless, from timeless vintage twists to smooth waves, curls, bows, and arty styles. However, you should take into consideration that hairstyles for weddings match by weather, wedding style, your face shape, dress, and pieces of jewelry .etc. Now, you can find below exotic simple wedding hairstyles to choose from.

1. Timeless Wedding Half Up Half Down

If you’re confused about letting your hair up or down, you can have both. This hairdo works with twisted half up half down wedding hairstyles, especially for outdoor, bohemian or garden-inspired wedding. Remember to wash your hair a day before with restorative hair treatment that gives it shine, life and volume, something you need to pull off this hairstyle.

For instance, take the full shiny locks that are perfect for a heart-shaped face and outdoor wedding. The pure Boho look draws attention to the bride’s neckline and the vogue worthy classic look is for a semi-formal wedding.

Shiny Locks

Curly long hair look is a texture that is the popular hairstyle for a wedding. With this hairdo, you don’t need to decide between letting your locks shine or a clean and tight updo.

Boho Look

There’s something very natural about the half up, half down. The boho brides will have the perfect ideas with this hair at their wedding.

2. Voluminous Curls For Long Hair

The voluminous long curls can be well regarded as vintage wedding hairstyles. They’re perfect for simple dresses and understated pieces of jewelry. Besides, they draw attention to the face, flattering it. Some options for you to consult like the half up half down full option curls beach wedding hairstyles. For the oval faced brides, the bold loose curls to the side scream ballroom elegance are suitable choices. These loose hair also suits a heart face while flattering the forehead.

3. Smooth Waves On Long Hair

Smooth waves are perfect wedding hairstyles for medium length hair. This is an appealing style for the bride who wants simplicity in a beautiful sight for the beach or wanderlust wedding.

Brides can also opt for the mini half bun and flowing curls with loose curl waves. Perfect wedding hairstyles for thin-haired girls with simple twinkle clips for finishing.

Balance off the simplicity of the hairstyle with some trendy accessories such as tiaras or clasps. If your hair is long enough, you can invest some time into curling to make it full and billowing. The long hairstyles for wedding parties deserve matching accessories.

4. Half Up Bow Ideas

The daring bride who doesn’t do basic will love these casual and fun weddings. This style suits heart-shaped and oval faces. Be creative with updos for long hair wedding styles by incorporating stylish natural bows.

Brides with thin hair will rock a bone straight fishbone half-up bow. This lends some sophistication while maintaining the hair’s natural texture. The loose curls bow half updo is for the bride who has voluminous tresses. And if you’re thinking wedding hairstyles for medium hair, try the tousled half-up wavy bow.

5. Elegant High Updos With Curls 

The elegant updo hairstyles are never going out of style, they only get reinvented. When you add some curls, the hair gains some volume and flatters any face shape. High curly updo works best for low back dresses, minimal accessories, and simple dresses and it also fits with veils. The elegant high curly updo combining with loose waves is perfect for round face and boosts thin hair. Try out the crown curly updo with full pin accessories for the princess look.

The high wedding buns hairstyle is the vintage style of the queens. They are perfect for every face type, wedding dresses, and pieces of jewelry. The textured high bun or the tousled double steeped high bun makes a pair with bogus jewelry and off the shoulder dresses. The voluminous windy high bun will give the bride having an amazing beach wedding. For those who have thin hair, using hair extensions for more volume is an idea.

6. Simple Bridal Styles With Accessories For Long Hair

It can be said that wedding hairstyles without accessories are beautiful but achieving stunning beauty, accessorize. A simple bun with hair accessories can do the magic just like the unusual accessories below.

The elegant vine flower accessory gives the long loose braid a stunning outcome that you can use this in place of a hairpin. Some samples like cuff glitter and wallflower accessory are great for the swept loose braids.

Fishtail braids are works of art and they have amazing flexibility. They’re cute on kids and adults alike. Perfect almost every wedding style and face types. It’s always better to wear simple elegant, yet toned down gowns. You can choose the gowns with sweetheart neckline, off the shoulder or open back. Fishtails accentuate your delicate neckline.

7. Wedding Hairstyles For Free-Spirited Brides

For free-spirited brides, they can rock this hairstyle for a casual, semiformal or beach wedding. The perfect wedding dresses here are flowing gowns, cocktail length dresses or jumpsuits.

The loose high-low fishtail braids in low ponytail style are suitable for a naughty girl that also is perfect for thin long hair. The cascading fishtail braids with discreet natural flowers make you feel like a Bohemian Rapunzel.

8. Braided Long Hairstyles For Bohemian Brides

The perfect Bohemian bride loves her wedding with some natural, mystical and slightly messy setups. The bohemian bride will also accessorize a lot with hair extensions to give volume because of the slightly messy nature of the hair.

The side-swept fishtail ponytail, for instance. The loose braid with soft waves is another enchanting hairstyle for the Boho bride. Its simplicity is its charm. The long braided untamed curls hairstyle is for the bride’s natural curls. Just accessorize modestly.

9. Waterfall Braids For Long Hair

Waterfall braids are not the new styles but they are timeless. Because the bride can get a fragile, sensual, playful, reserved or elegant look when wearing them. Besides, the waterfall braids in soft curls are romantic that give the bride an air of innocence. You will have a wide range of creative choices when getting the perfect charming look by opting for the whimsical waterfall braids or another option is the side-swept half up half down waterfall braids with flowers made from hair.

This amazing wedding hairstyle is perfect for long hair brides. Side-swept long wedding hairstyles show a lot of character. A suggestion of wearing with plenty of lace and woven flowers for a quintessential rustic wedding!

10. Elegant Flower Crowns For Brides

Flower crowns work with the wedding style than any other factor. For instance, if you’re having a traditional wedding, soft flowers like dahlias, roses, and lilies are the best choices. For outdoor weddings, you can pick up greeneries, blooms, wildflowers or even foliage.

This simple hairstyle with a real flower crown for the beautiful, elegant and minimalist bride ensures your beauty during the wedding day. Black women with kinky or natural curly locks needn’t tame them. Insert a giant-sized flower crown instead.

This post covers so many wedding hairstyles for long hair that you’re spoilt for choice. Do you plan to highlight or fully dye your hair desired color before the wedding day? Remember try the hair trial before finishing your wedding hairstyles.