What are micro link hair extensions? Everything you should know

When it comes to hair extensions, there are various methods designed for different hair types and needs. Among those, micro link hair extensions emerge as one of the most preferred types for transforming dull, thin hair into voluminous locks. But what are micro link hair extensions? Are they suitable for you? Here we go with an ultimate guide, where you’ll find everything about micro link extensions, from their pros and cons to cost and application. Keep reading to discover the world of micro link extensions!

1. What are micro link hair extensions?

Micro link hair extensions, also known as micro bead hair extensions, are a type of semi-permanent hair extensions method. These extensions feature I-tip strands of hair that are attached individually to natural hair using small beads. A strand of natural hair together with a strand of extension is threaded through a bead and then clamped shut by pliers to stay secure.

Note that micro link hair extensions work well for people with thin or medium hair. They may not blend with thick hair to create a seamless look.

What are micro link hair extensions

What are micro link hair extensions?

2. Pros and cons of micro link hair extensions

Just like any other type of hair extensions, micro link extensions come with their own set of pros and cons that you should take into account before making a purchasing decision.

2.1. Pros

  • Undetectable look: Micro link hair extensions are applied strand-by-strand, and the tiny size of each strand is a big plus! Unlike other hair extensions like weft or clip-in extensions, micro link extensions can easily be hidden for a discreet look. You won’t need to worry about others detecting your extensions once they are applied properly. They also allow you to rock any hairstyle you love, from a sleek ponytail to a stylish bun or braid.
  • Lightweight: As we’ve mentioned, each strand of micro link extensions is tiny and thus puts minimal weight (less than 1 gram) on your hair. Therefore, you’ll feel very comfortable when wearing these extensions all day long.
  • Non-damaging: One of the most amazing things about micro link extensions is that they do not require any heat, chemicals, or sewing for installation. This means the risk of damage caused to your hair is reduced to a great extent! Just make sure that your hair extensions are applied properly (not too close to the scalp) and maintained well, they won’t cause any damage at all.
  • Reusable: Compared to keratin tip hair extensions – another type of strand-by-strand extension method, micro link extensions have a comparative advantage of being reusable. The microbeads used in applying micro link extensions make it pretty easy to remove and reuse (we’ll explain in details below).

What are micro link hair extensions

Micro link hair extensions allow for a natural-looking result

2.2. Cons

Besides the striking benefits, there are some minus sides of micro link extensions you should consider

  • High cost: Micro ring extensions are typically more expensive than weft, tape-in, and clip-in extensions. This is not to mention that installation, removal, and readjustments must also be included in the total cost. As you can’t do it yourself, each time you visit your hairstylist will set you back a small fortune.
  • Time-consuming application: The application process for micro link extensions can be time-consuming, especially if a full head of extensions is desired. Each individual strand needs to be carefully attached, which may result in longer application sessions compared to other extension techniques. So be prepared that it may take you several hours and even half a day to have your extensions applied!
  • Regular maintenance: While micro link extensions require less maintenance than some other methods, they still require regular check-ups and adjustments to maintain their appearance and ensure they are securely in place.

3. How long do micro link hair extensions last?

Micro link hair extensions typically last 3 – 4 months. However, the exact lifespan depends on various factors, such as the quality of the extensions, the application technique, and your maintenance routine.

To ensure the longevity of your keratin tip hair extensions, it’s essential to visit your hairstylist every 4 – 6 weeks for readjustments. As your natural hair continues to grow, the beads will naturally move downwards, requiring them to be moved up and tightened. Keeping the extensions in for longer than recommended can lead to tangling and potential damage to your hair.

What are micro link hair extensions

Micro link hair extensions require reapplication every 4 – 6 weeks

4. How much do micro link hair extensions cost?

The cost of micro link hair extensions can vary depending on several factors, including the brand and quality of the extensions, the length and thickness of the hair, the number of strands required, and the hairstylist you choose.

On average, the cost of micro link hair extensions themselves can range from $200 to $800 or more, with premium quality hair extensions priced higher. Additionally, different hairtylists will charge differently based on their expertise and experience, starting from about $100.

Keep in mind that investing in high-quality extensions and professional application is crucial for achieving the best results and ensuring the longevity of your extensions.

5. How to apply and remove micro link hair extensions?

Micro link hair extensions require professional installation and removal for the best results. Below are general guidelines on how your hair extensions will be applied and removed.

5.1. How to apply micro link hair extensions

  • Section the hair: Divide the hair into small, manageable sections using clips. This will make it easier to apply the extensions evenly.
  • Thread the micro link: Take a microbead and thread it onto a small section of the natural hair, close to the roots. Place the bead about a quarter of an inch away from the scalp to allow for movement and comfort.
  • Insert the extension: Take an individual strand of hair extension and insert it through the bead.
  • Clamp shut the bead: Use pliers designed for extensions to clamp shut the bead, securing the extension and natural hair strand together.

What are micro link hair extensions

How to apply micro link hair extensions

5.2. How to remove micro link hair extensions

  • Locate the microbead: Identify the microbead that needs to be removed. Be gentle during this process to avoid tangling or damaging the hair.
  • Open the microbead: Using pliers to gently open the bead by squeezing it in the opposite direction to which it is flattened.
  • Slide out the extensions: After opening the bead, carefully slide the extension hair out of it. Be cautious not to pull or tug on the natural hair to prevent breakage.

6. Where can you buy high-quality micro link hair extensions?

When it comes to micro link hair extensions, the quality of the hair should be prioritized for a natural look and long-lasting results. If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality micro link hair extensions for yourself or your hair business, Macsara – a trusted Vietnamese human hair extensions manufacturer with 15 years of experience, is proud to be your top choice.

What are micro link hair extensions

High-quality micro link hair extensions from Macsara

Our micro link hair extensions are crafted from 100% Remy human hair, providing a soft, smooth, shiny, and durable result that you can rely on for a flawless and beautiful appearance. We also provide other innovative types of micro link extensions, including nano ring and plastic nano ring hair extensions, which boast some more distinguished features. They come in different textures, types, and colors to suit different needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us now via WhatsApp (+84) 37 9989 559 for more details and best deals!


In conclusion, micro link hair extensions offer a fantastic solution for those seeking to enhance their natural hair with added length, volume, and versatility. These extensions are attached using microbeads that minimize damage and promote a seamless, natural look. We hope that this post has helped you find plenty of useful information on micro link hair extensions. See you in other posts for more hair tips and tricks!