What Are Pre Bonded Hair Extensions? Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered why a lot of women out there, be it a normal one or a celebrity, are so lucky to have such long, voluminous hair? You may be surprised to know that not all of them are that lucky! Some of them just have the help of hair extensions – hairpieces designed to add length, volume and color to natural hair. Among various types of hair extensions, pre bonded hair extensions are a highly preferred choice due to their striking benefits. Do you want to learn more? If so, keep reading to discover the world of pre bonded hair extensions right now!

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

1. What are pre bonded hair extensions?

Pre bonded hair extensions, also known as fusion or keratin bond hair extensions, consist of individual hair strands pre-attached with small keratin tips. These tips are made from keratin, a type of protein found in natural hair and nails, and they come in different shapes. That’s why you’ll come across I-tip, V-tip, U-tip, or flat tip hair extensions.

What are pre bonded hair extensions?

2. Pros and cons of pre bonded hair extensions

Just like any other type of hair extensions, pre bonded hair extensions come with their own set of pros and cons that you should consider to make an informed decision. Let’s check them out below!

2.1. Pros

  • Seamless blend: Unlike other types of hair extensions that are applied in wefts, pre bonded hair extensions use the strand-by-strand method. Each strand is applied near the roots, making it easy to be hidden for a seamless blend.
  • Comfortable feel: Each tiny strand of pre bonded hair extensions weighs only about 1 gram. Therefore, not only are pre bonded extensions easily concealed by natural locks but they also provide a comfortable feel. You can even forget their presence throughout the day!
  • Secure bond: When applied and cared for properly, pre bonded hair extensions provide such a secure bond that you don’t need to worry about their falling out.
  • Versatility: As pre bonded hair extensions are applied strand by strand, they offer great versatility during application and styling. If weft hair extensions need to be cut into smaller pieces to fit one’s head or to be applied to the sides of head, you won’t experience this inconvenience with pre bonded hair extensions. Moreover, you can freely rock updo hairstyles like a messy bun or a high ponytail without revealing the bonds.
Pros of pre bonded hair extensions

2.2. Cons

  • Can be damaging: Most types of pre bonded hair extensions require heat for installation, which can cause damage to natural hair, especially fine or weak hair. Moreover, if these extensions are not fitted properly, they can pull on natural hair and cause hair loss. So if you ask “Do pre bonded extensions ruin your hair?”, the answer is yes, in case of improper installation techniques.
  • Time-consuming application: When it comes to installation, there is no other type of hair extensions that requires as much time as pre bonded hair extensions. It can take 2 – 4 hours to apply these extensions as each strand is meticulously fitted, and normally 120 – 150 strands are needed for a full head.
  • High cost: Pre bonded hair extensions are known to be more expensive than others. Moreover, unlike some types of extensions that can be applied at home, pre bonded hair extensions require professional stylists. It is worth noting that not all stylists are trained for the job, so the installation cost can be quite high. Depending on the quality of hair extensions and the expertise of the stylist, pre bonded hair extensions cost can be anywhere from $500 to $3000.
Cons of pre bonded hair extensions

3. How to apply pre bonded hair extensions?

As we’ve mentioned, you need to visit a salon to get your pre bonded hair extensions applied for the best result. Attempts to do it at home can result in an undesired look or hair damage. Below are our pre bonded hair extensions tutorial:

3.1. U-tip, V-tip, Flat-tip, Y-tip hair extensions

Pre bonded hair extensions, such as U-tip, V-tip, Flat-tip or Y-tip hair extensions, are also known as hot fusion hair extensions as they require heat for installation. Below are the steps:

  • Section your hair by creating a horizontal part at the nape of your neck.
  • Take a small section of your hair, which is of the same size as the extension strand.
  • Place an extension strand along the natural strand, several milimeters away from the scalp.
  • Use a heat tool to melt the keratin tip and bond it to the natural strand.
  • Roll the bond between your fingers to seal the seam for a secure bond.
How to apply I-tip hair extensions?

3.2. I-tip hair extensions

Unlike other types of pre bonded hair extensions, I-tip hair extensions use the cold fusion method, which requires no heat at all but microbeads. Below are the steps:

  • Section your hair by creating a horizontal part at the nape of your neck.
  • Prepare a pulling needle by threading a microbead.
  • Take a small section of your hair, which is of the same size as the extension strand.
  • Using the extension loop, pull the natural hair strand through the microbead.
  • Insert a strand of I-tip hair extensions into the microbead so it stays alongside the natural hair strand.
  • Use pliers to clamp shut the microbead for a secure bond.
How to apply keratin hair extensions?

How long do pre bonded hair extensions last? 

With proper care, high-quality human hair extensions pre bonded can last about 4 – 5 months. If you choose synthetic or low-quality hair extensions that are not Remy bonded hair extensions, their lifespan is much shorter. Except for I-tip hair extensions, other types of keratin bond hair extensions don’t need to be reinstalled during the whole time of use. As I-tip hair extensions are applied with microbeads, they need to be readjusted every 6 – 8 weeks to move the beads back to their original position.

Where can you buy high-quality pre bonded hair extensions?

Among various suppliers of pre bonded hair extensions, singling out the one that provides high-quality products at competitive prices can be a challenge. However, you don’t need to look further than Macsarahair – one of the leading Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers with more than 15 years of experience in the hair industry. We have been a reliable partner of wholesale hair vendors and salons all over the world, gaining their trust and loyalty due to our top-notch hair extensions, factory direct prices and convenient customer policies and services.

Macsarahair’s high-quality yet affordable pre bonded hair extensions

At Macsarahair, our pre bonded hair extensions are made from 100% high-quality Remy human hair and Italian keratin tips. Therefore, they are as soft, smooth and shiny as natural hair. They can also be dyed and styled without tangling or shedding. Coming in various textures, colors and lengths, our pre bonded hair extensions suit different needs, helping you or your customers achieve the long, lustrous hair that everyone admires! For more details and best deals, don’t hesitate to contact us at (+84) 37 9989 559. See you in other posts!

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