What Are The Best Hair Extensions For Long Hair?

You have short hair and you want to add length to your short hair for a change?

Do you regret having had your hair cut down?

No biggie. You can get what you want thanks to hair extensions. MACSARA will share with you some of the best hair extensions for an illusion of lengthy hair.

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Of course, ponytail hair extensions have the ability to add length to your natural hair. For this reason, if you are not satisfied with your short hairstyle, welcome you to wear a long ponytail with hair extensions.

It is not hard to apply ponytail hair extensions to your natural hair. First, pull your natural hair back into a ponytail. No matter how high the ponytail is, it will look good. Second, use a hair tie to secure the ponytail. Then, it is time for you to apply the ponytail hair extensions to your own ponytail.

Straight ponytail, wavy ponytail and curly ponytail are all available. Additionally, we must say that MACSARA can provide you with hair extensions from 6 inches to 32 inches in length, so you are given a lot of choice about the length of your ponytail with hair extensions.

Spiky Clip-In Hair Extensions

Spiky Clip-In Hair Extensions

You can easily attach spiky clip-in hair extensions to your natural hair thanks to a secure three-pronged clip.

It is said that applying spiky clip-in hair extensions is a great way to add instant flair to any hairstyle. It is really a small and subtle amount of hair, which makes it quite unique compared to other clip-in attachments. The longest pieces are just about 4 inches long. And you can see that this is a multi-textured look as there are both curly pieces and straight pieces gathered together. Therefore, your hair seems to be quite long.

What are the best hair extensions for long hair?

It is super versatile. You can wear it in a low loose updo, you can wear it in a high tight bun, you can wear it in a half-up, half-down style or you can add it to a twist.

Especially, spiky clip-in hair extensions might be a good choice for rebellious girls because it can give them a rebellious look.

Bun Hair Extensions

Bun Hair Extensions

An elegant bun is a very perfect choice for any kind of formal occasion but you can also wear it whenever you want. It is really up to you because a bun with hair extensions will give you a versatile look.

There are various styles of bun hair extensions that are available on the market. Donut bun, braided bun, top knot bun, twisted bun curly messy bun, low bun and fishtailed seashell bun can be listed as some of the most typical bun hairstyles with hair extensions.

You just need to apply the bun to your own hair and other people will have an illusion of the length of your hair. They cannot realize that your bun is made of hair extensions because of its all-natural look.

Is this post helpful for you? Don’t forget that MACSARA is always there for you if you need any kind of hair extensions.