What Can You Do With 20 Inch Of Hair Clip In Extension?

Choosing your length of hair extensions is as easy as choosing the hair of your dreams. When choosing hair extensions to increase the length of your hair, always stay within four inches of your natural hair length for the most realistic blend. If you desire to extend your hair longer, MACSARA will show you 20 inch of hair. Using 20 inch clip-ins will thicken your hair naturally.

When you decided to own 20 inch of hair length, there are several hairstyles for you below.

1. 20 inch of hair: Straight

It’s just a matter of minutes to look gorgeous and attractive. Straight is always an interesting texture that moves freely and gives a naturally flawless look that mimics your own locks.

2. 20 inch of hair: Curly

Like all the other products that we supply, is made from 100% Vietnam remy hair. Hence, this product will not bring customers troubles such as shedding, tangling or insects. The cuticles on the hair still remain, therefore the hair is smooth, soft, and strong enough to be colored or styled.

3. 20 inch of hair: Wavy

If you want to experience a glamorous look that never go dated, go with 20 inch of wavy hair. It is effortlessly attached and can be perfectly matched and blended with your own hair to create length, emphasize volume, or even to add highlights to your natural hair.

4. Essential Important Tips

▪ NEVER go to sleep with wet hair, always make sure your extensions and clips are dry before sleeping.

▪ Take care of your human hair extensions as you would your own natural hair and remember that like your natural hair your extensions can be easily damaged with too much heat or abuse.

▪ It is important that you should take good care of your extension to make the most of them by using the right aftercare products.

▪ When removing knots or tangles start at the ends and work your way up. Never pull on your Extensions.

▪ Wash regularly with a mild shampoo designed for hair extensions in cool water.

▪ When drying your hair, never rub or scrub with a towel. Simply wrap hair in a towel or air dry if possible.

▪ Wait until hair is completely dry before combing or brushing.

▪With the new hair extensions, it would not be necessary for you to wash hair as frequently as you normally would. You should not have to wash your hair more than two times per week. Any more than this will put a lot of stress on your extensions because of excessive styling.

▪ When rinsing the hair, rinse for a few seconds extra as the extra volume created by your extension may mean it takes a little longer to rinse.

▪ You can style the extensions the same way as your normal hair if you invest in good quality hair extensions made from 100% human hair. You will be able to blow dry, curl and straighten them the way you want.

20 inch of hair extensions will need some amount of regular maintenance. However, once you get used to it and learn how to wash, style and dry your extensions, they will look good for a longer time so it is well worth the effort!