What Do You Need For The First Time Using Hair Extensions?

Do you look at the mirror and sigh because your hair is thin and too short or not enough length to make a sexy long curly hair? Feel free to have yourself hair extensions to improve your hair situation immediately.

- What Do You Need For The First Time Using Hair Extensions?

Who doesn’t want a nice and trendy hairstyle but in fact, everyone has own hair with individual hair feature? The thin hair is difficult to create, which is easy to upset girls. However, you do not have to be so resigned when wearing hair extensions is a very popular trend. And once you’ve decided to make a hair fashion revolution for yourself, the knowledge shared below is important content that you can’t ignore.

As you often see in movies, newspapers, famous stars change their appearance every day. Perhaps they had pixie hairdo yesterday and a few days later, it was too curly with gorgeous long strands. How could their hair grow fast? The answer is that they use hair extensions even wigs as needed.

- What Do You Need For The First Time Using Hair Extensions?

You can also spend several hours with your hair growing like them. However, don’t compare with stars because their daily life and work require them to change their hairstyle continuously. Their income is also comfortable to spend on the hot trend hair. Although it is just a combination that increases the length and thickness of the hair, it needs good and expensive techniques. So, before deciding where to go and choose which method to connect your hair, you need to know the characteristics of the hair connecting methods as well as the quality of hair extensions.

Is hair extension real hair?  

Currently, there are many types of hair extensions on the market, including real hair and artificial hair. In addition to stretching the hair to change its style, hair extensions must be made to look like real hair or look as natural as possible. When choosing the type of hair extension you need to take note of the following issues:

  • Hair extensions are 100% human hair that will feel more natural, like your hair. Human hair is also easier to style, especially when applying hot compresses, curling and coloring hair.
  • Wigs made of synthetic fibers are cheaper, but cannot tolerate heat like real hair and expose artificiality easily.
  • Actively identify colors, weights, designs, and hair textures to match.
  • Refer to those who have been connected to the hair and choose a professional experienced hairdresser.
- What Do You Need For The First Time Using Hair Extensions?

Basic hair extensions techniques

Before doing so, you need to know in advance to acknowledge about your hair extensions. Some technical terms will confuse you, making it difficult to communicate with stylists. Moreover, each method has its advantages and disadvantages suitable for each hair characteristic. You must rationally choose the right method under the advice of a hairdresser instead of entrusting completely to their perspective and skills.

  • Bonding: use glue to attach
  • Micro Rings: use small metal eyelets with built-in hair extensions to attach to real hair.
  • Hook & Latch: do not use glue or thread, the joint is flat and can be high.
  • Netting: suitable for thin hair, connecting hair by braiding natural hair into a thin net with hair extensions.
  • Lace Fronts: attach the hair extension to real hair by tying each strand of hair together.
  • Tracking: braid natural hair into the hair extensions that sewn into pigtails horizontally across the head, forming stitches or weaving into the entire head of hair.

Technology and solutions for hair extension trend have been improved recently, overcoming the weaknesses of the old methods and shortening the time of implementation. However, after a certain amount of time, your new hair will grow and the junctions will be affected. You need to consult with experts about the time to reinforce each method.

Experience of hair extensions care about the implementation

- What Do You Need For The First Time Using Hair Extensions?

Don’t let your investment of time and money and the hair stylist’s creativity become useless. Know how to take care of your hair and connect it to make it look good and avoid getting tangled.

  • Gently touch the hair
  • Choose the right shampoo and conditioner when washing
  • Use cold water to wash your hair
  • Use a soft pillow or tie your hair carefully when sleeping to avoid damaging or tangling your hair.
  • Choose a comb and properly brush your hair.
  • Pay attention to the drying temperature for hair extensions

Things to keep in mind when connecting hair

Things to keep in mind when connecting hair large - What Do You Need For The First Time Using Hair Extensions?
  • Connect hair at reputable salons with skilled and professional hairdressers
  • Choose 100% real hair or human hair and high-quality hair extensions
  • Ensure the certainty and nature of the joint
  • Care carefully for the hair after connecting
Flat tip straight dark brown color hair large - What Do You Need For The First Time Using Hair Extensions?

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What can you not do with hair extensions?

DO take breaks.
DO avoid salty or chlorinated water.
DO use hair care products.
DO keep brushing your hair regularly.
DON’T wash your hair regularly.
DON’T expose your hair to too much heat.
DON’T sleep with wet hair.

How long can you use hair extensions?

Depending on the hair quality you choose, the durability of your hair extensions. How long your hair extensions last will also depend on the type of attachment and method you used. Permanent extensions can last up to three months, and semi-permanent between 6 and 8 weeks.