What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

To have a marvelous beauty, the famous stars all over the world need to have a good fashion sense, suitable makeup, and high fashion hairstyles with a suitable color. Zara Larsson is not the exception, Zara Larsson hairstyles are always the focus of attention from fans. Today, let MACSARA introduce for you about her fabulous hairstyles.

macsara What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

First of all, who is Zara Larsson? Born on 16th December 1997, she is a Swedish singer and songwriter. She is one of the successful singers in the world because of her talent and beauty. Keep reading to get more ideas for hairstyles in this article which show Zara Larsson hairstyles!

1. Pink Gin Cocktail Bob Haircut:

Whether you have thick or thin hair, bob haircut is the best short haircut and style you need to try. Personally, the pink bob haircut is still a sexy option for women looking to turn heads.

In the below pic, Zara Larsson hit the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards on Monday night in December 2019, and the Swedish singer used the glamorous night as an excuse to debut a bold new beauty look. And we can say that as well as sporting one of the year’s biggest makeup trends — graphic eyeliner — she also debuted a brand new bob haircut that might just start a new color trend.

macsara Pink Gin Cocktail Bob Haircut large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

2. Shoulder Length Natural Wavy Platinum Blonde Hair:

Can’t decide between blonde and brunette? Go for both with the blonde trend.

We can’t deny that the waves make the look relaxed and flirty while the sun-kissed blonde keeps it young and fresh.

Below is one of the best pics of the star in an event. This picture was taken when Zara Larsson appeared at the MTV Europe Music Awards at the SSE Arena Wembley in London, the United Kingdom on Sunday, November 12, 2017.

macsara Shoulder Length Natural Wavy Platinum Blonde Hair large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

3. Long Body Wavy Blonde Hair:

If blonde hair is the best hair color and wavy hair reminds of gentle and elegant beauty, being both blonde and wavy should be considered nothing less than a beauty power move. Zara Larsson looks like a fairy coming out from a fairytale. She has a perfect appearance with deep blue eyes, smooth skin, a high nose, and curly eyelashes. Long body wavy blonde hair makes her look magnificent and sexy on the stage at The Isle of Wight Festival in Newport, the United Kingdom on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

macsara Long Body Wavy Blonde Hair large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

4. Long Natural Wavy Brown Hair:

There’s no doubt that the fullness of the look further amplifies its sexy allure. Long natural wavy hair may seem simple but if you’re a low-maintenance woman, it’s the style you want. Moreover, brown hair is one of the natural hair colors that will make women shine with charming beauty. The singer was performing at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, the United Kingdom on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. This hairstyle makes the star shine with classy and noble beauty.

macsara Long Natural Wavy Brown Hair large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

5. Pink Layered Hairstyle:

Layered hairstyles are making a major comeback and becoming popular all over the world. Besides, pink hair color are the finishing touch. They’ll work perfectly with layered haircut. We particularly love the singer’s long, face-framing layers here.

Zara Larsson showed off her marvelous hairstyle at the BRIT Awards 2017 at The O2, Peninsula Square in London, the UK on February 22, 2017.

macsara Pink Layered Hairstyle large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

6. Platinum Blonde Bun With Dark Roots:

It’s no surprise that the high bun is an eternal hair classic. As we can see, not just beloved by ballerinas the world over, high buns are a chic, sleek way to get your hair out of your face.

At the BBC Music Awards at ExCeL London, the United Kingdom on Monday, December 12, 2016, Zara Larsson used a twinkle necklace and stunning bun hair that make a strong impression at her fans. With this hair color and hairstyle, Zara Larsson is always a spotlight anywhere.

macsara Platinum Blonde Bun With Dark Roots large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

7. Platinum Blonde Blunt Cut:

Are you looking for a hairstyle that’s chic and trendy? Why don’t you try a blunt cut? We can say that a blunt haircut is a cut without layers — sleek on women who have naturally straight and fine hair. Besides, you don’t have to sacrifice length to get a blunt haircut. Blunt cut with medium hair is a very trendy option for the modern woman. Zara Larsson wore this trendy hairstyle at the 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater on April 29, 2016, in Los Angeles, CA.

macsara Platinum Blonde Blunt Cut large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

8. Short Low Ponytail:

If a high ponytail reminds of the dynamism, a low ponytail will give a gentle look. This hairstyle is so glamorous, elegant and beautiful. A low ponytail is one of the best choices making women more attractive and beautiful. And the short low ponytail has now taken a modern turn and can really make a statement! The songwriter looked so stunning and awesome here with this hairstyle!

macsara Short Low Ponytail large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

9. Long Silver With Dark Roots:

Dark roots, silver hair? Why not! Dark roots used to be a silver’s worst nightmare, but in recent years a dark, smudgy root has become a blonde or silver hair color trend. Zara Larsson showed off her long silver hair with dark roots and appeared at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY on August 28, 2016. Nude-pink lipstick is perfect for her.

macsara Long Silver With Dark Roots large - What Do You Think About Zara Larsson Hairstyles?

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