What Does Wig Mean?

When it comes to ‘wig’, what comes to mind? A hairpiece that covers the whole head? Or something a bit more complicated? So what does wig mean? Today, let MACSARA show you something about the wig!

What does wig mean?

Someone said that as modern social media slang, the word “wig” is simply a synonym used by members of stan culture for being enamored or shocked with any event so much that your proverbial hairpiece is thrown off of your head.

So wig, as it is used online today, is originally a slang word coined by participants in Black ballroom culture, and of course, statement-making hair. As we know, many participants often use extensions or extra hairpieces as parts of their looks to catalyze the visual appearance of their walks.

What Does Wig Mean?

A wig is known as a hat attaching hair to cover all over the human head, apart from the face of course! The wig is used for someone who is bald or someone who wants to get a new look without dying or scrolling hair or cutting hair.

How to wear a wig?

The wig is one of the best choices as well as the fastest way for women to change themselves. Here are some easy steps to apply your wig and make it look as natural and realistic as possible.

1. Choosing a suitable wig:

The first thing you should remember is that you have to find a wig that resembles your natural hair in color, texture, and style.

2. Preparing hair and head:

If you have short hair, just comb it back away from your face with your hands or a hairbrush. You should pin it back using 3-4 bobby pins towards the back of your head. Afterward, you can spray it with hairspray to keep it securely in place.

With long hair, you have to braid your hair into two French braids that sit tight against the scalp. Cross them at the nape of your neck and secure them at the top and bottom with hair clips. Or you can separate the hair into two pieces and twist them, crossing the two pieces behind your head. Then attach them across the top and bottom with bobby pins.

3. Put a wig cap:

You have to put a wig cap on your head before the wig to keep your hair covered and help secure the wig. It is said that whether you have long or short hair, you need to use a wig cap under your wig. And if you don’t have any hair, this step is optional. There’s no doubt that it may prevent some wig slippage but isn’t necessary to help smooth out the hair area. You can secure the cap in place with some snap clips.

What Does Wig Mean?

4. Applying the wig:

First, hold the wig with both hands inside the wig, with the back of the wig facing you. The next thing you should do is to slide the wig on your head and slip your hands out from under it. Finally, adjust the edge of the wig so it lines up with your hairline.

Why should you choose a wig from MACSARA?

First of all, you must have an awareness of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. There is no doubt that although human hair wigs may be more expensive, we think it’s definitely worth the money as you can style them more easily, whereas synthetic wigs will remain in the style that you bought them. Besides, human hair obviously looks a lot more realistic, although it does require more TLC, just like your natural hair.

With the aim of bringing beauty and satisfaction to the customers, MACSARA is proud of being a famous brand in Vietnam specializing in providing hair extensions as well as wigs to the customers in international markets. We have been working for years to provide the most beautiful hair extensions and wigs to women around the world. Our customers come from many countries such as America, the UK, Russia, Spain, and so many others.

We commit to use natural human hair which is collected from Vietnamese. This hair is not only smooth, soft but also very strong and shiny. Because we use 100% Remy hair with no chemical, no tangle, and no shedding, you will not find any problem with our products. We also offer virgin hair which has never experienced any hair processing before. Besides, our products are cheap and easy to use. There is a lot of wigs with various textures, colors, and lengths for you to choose from. Our products will surely satisfy you.

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=> Learn more about wigs here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wig