What Is The Best Glue For Wigs?

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Nowadays, there are more and more people who use wigs, especially lace front wigs. The reason why they love these hair products is their believability and versatility. However, it is a small group of people who have an idea to choose the best glue for wig. Today, MACSARA will recommend to you some kinds of good glues that are great for wigs.

1. Bold Hold Extreme Cream Adhesive

- What Is The Best Glue For Wigs?

Here is an ideal choice of glue for your regular use. The secret to its effectivity is to use just a thin layer on your skin. Next, allow your glue to get dry properly before you begin applying another layer. You can use it for up to five layers.

For those of us that are sensitive to odor, this is your best shot. It remains odorless on your hair. Furthermore, it works under a humid temperature and it’s waterproof. Also, it works with all skin types, especially oily skin.

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Whether you wish to use it on the full lace wig, front lace wig or 360˚ wig is up to you as it remains effective. The best part is that it allows you to use it together with the bold hold tape if you want the ultimate hold. When applying it, give it up to 24 hours to cure before you wash it or swim with it.
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2. Ultra Hold Acrylic Adhesive 1.4oz w/Brush Applicator (Best lace wig adhesive for long term wear)

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Talking of Ultra Hold makes every woman smile because it has remained effective over the years. It’s your ultimate choice when your sole purpose for using the wig is to allow it to look professional over a long time.

It’s further the definition of soft bonds in the market. Soft bonds are popular but this Ultra Hold is the most popular thus guaranteed the effectivity. It, like most of the glues, discussed previously dries clear and remains tacky for long.

From its name, it aims to give you the Ultra Hold. It may last for over six weeks although it all depends on the humidity level of your environment and your body oils.

The Ultra Hold came to create a difference. Initially, most of the adhesives were made using silicone but with the invention of Ultra Hold, the market has begun using acrylic adhesives. For this reason, it’s a top brand product.

What’s more, you don’t need to worry as it works with all the different kinds of skins.

3. Wig Glue Adhesive for Lace Front Wig and Toupee (Best lace wig glue for oily skin)

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Of course, as you may have noticed most of the glues highlighted here are safe for use with oily skin. This is just an additional type that is specifically designed to suit oily skin. It further works with your polyurethane base and lace.

You have the choice to use it alone or with tape. It’s best used for those intending the wear the wig for the short term. It holds your hair for up to 2 weeks and as you can see the glue comes clear yet it also dries clear.

To use it, just apply a thin coat on the skin and let it dry for about 4 minutes before tacking the lace wig. Remember, here you need to position the wig properly. It further comes with an application brush to ease the application process.

The glue is ideal for those hot and humid temperatures. It’s further waterproof and thus easy to clean the wig. It’s advisable that you conduct a skin test just to be sure that you won’t react to glue application.

4. Ghost Bond XL Hair Replacement Adhesive (Best lace wig glue for sensitive skin)

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There’s a reason why this product is amongst the most popular and it’s because it’s effective. Of course, if you are going to look for glue, you need one that offers you the perfect bonding solution and Ghostbond is nothing less.

This glue offers you high moisture protection and a high melting feature, unlike any other glue. What’s more, it remains comfortable for your skin. The glue will create the perfect invisible bond between the hairpiece and your scalp.

Do you live in a humid area, regularly sweat or have oily skin? Ghostbond has you covered. It’s further usable for both the poly lace and front lace. Using this glue, you are sure that your hair won’t fall off and thus you can go about your day peacefully.

5. CLING Edge Safe Nontoxic Glue for Lace Front Wig- Strongest lace wig glue (closure glue)

- What Is The Best Glue For Wigs?

Its ideal feature is that it gives you a strong hold but worry not because if you will use the Edgesafe remover solvent then removing the wig is as easy as the hair just sliding off. So, when you are ready to remove it buy the Edgesafe product so that your hair remains strong.

It has the super holding power that compares to none other. With this, you can walk confidently knowing your hair will never fall off. It’s non-toxic and it dries clear so one won’t know where the wig and your hairline is.

Do you choose a suitable glue for your wig? We wish you can enjoy the relaxing time with MACSARA news.