What Type Of Human Hair Wig Is Suitable For You? 

Have you ever wondered how some celebrities can switch up their hairstyles so frequently, and even in an inexplicable way? One day they rock a short bob, and the very next day, they hit the red carpet with long, voluminous wavy locks! The secret behind the overnight change can be a human hair wig. You should know that there is more than one type of human hair wig, and discovering the different types available is essential before making a choice. So now let’s dive in to discover the world of human hair wigs with Macsara!

Type Of Human Hair Wig

1. Lace closure wig

A lace closure wig is a wig that comes with a piece of lace sewn onto the crown area of the wig cap. The lace is skillfully crafted with individual hair strands hand-stitched into it, resembling the natural parting of the hairline.

The lace closures come in 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 (inches) size, making them suitable for those who just want to cover the top of their head or small bald spots. Though lace closure wigs can provide a natural-looking part, they limit styling options due to the small coverage. Therefore, if you just want stable hairstyles, lace closure wigs would be an economical choice!

Lace closure wig
Lace closure wig

2. Lace frontal wig

A lace frontal wig is similar to a lace closure wig in terms of construction, but what distinguishes it is the notably larger size of the lace. Lace frontals often come in 13×4 and 13×6 (inches) size, covering your entire hairline from ear to ear. Therefore, they give wearers much more flexibility to part their hair and create various hairstyles.

However, applying a lace frontal wig requires more work than a lace closure one. This is not to mention that a lace frontal wig is also more expensive due to the large size of the case. So all in all, if you prioritize styling possibilities over the cost or work involved, frontal human hair wigs would be the go-to choice.

Lace frontal wig
Lace frontal wig

3. Full lace wig

A full lace wig, as its name suggests, has the whole wig cap made of sheer lace. This construction makes it stand out in the lace wig world in every aspect.

First, the lace covers the entire scalp, giving you the freedom to part your hair wherever you want and create whatever style you love. If a ponytail or updo that involves pulling all your hair back is impossible with a lace closure or frontal wig, it isn’t a problem with a full lace wig anymore. Among all types of lace wigs, a full lace wig gives the most realistic look as you don’t have to worry about the edge being visible.

Second, a full lace wig also beats lace closure or frontal wigs when it comes to comfort. They are more comfortable to wear as the entire lace construction lets your scalp breathe better compared to a fabric wig cap.

Full lace wig
Full lace wig

The only thing about full lace human hair wigs that make you hesitant may be the cost only. For all the striking benefits listed above, it’s understandable that a full lace wig is the most costly type of human hair wig. Therefore, if your budget permits, a full lace wig is absolutely worthwhile.

4. U-part wig

A U-part wig, as its name suggests, is a wig with a U-shaped opening at the top, allowing you to leave a small section of your own hair uncovered. This type of wig is the suitable choice for those who don’t like the appearance of lace wigs or their complicated installation process.

U-part wig
U-part wig

The U-part wig is designed to help you blend the natural hair at the top of your head for a natural-looking part. Moreover, it’s much easier to install a U-part wig than a lace wig. While you need to use glue to apply a lace wig and the process takes a bit of time, applying a U-part wig is effortless. As they come with clips inside, you just need to put it over your head and clip them onto your hair.

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to hide all of your natural hair under the wig cap or spend much time on wearing a lace wig, U part human hair wigs are just for you!

5. V-part wig

A V-part wig is pretty much the same as a U-part one, except for the shape of the opening at the top. The V-shaped part is smaller than the U-shaped part, thus leaving only a small section of your natural hair out. The V-shaped opening also creates a hair part so it requires less effort to style your hair, compared to a U-part wig.

V-part wig
V-part wig


So above are the most common types of human hair wigs that you should know. We hope our post has helped you decide what type of human hair wig is best for you. Now that the only question remaining is “where can you buy high-quality human hair wigs?”, the answer is already here. Macsarahair – one of the biggest Vietnam hair factories with more than 15 years of experience in the global hair market is where you can place your trust.

Macsara’s wigs are made from 100% Remy human hair, which ensures they look and feel so natural. Unlike synthetic hair, our human hair wigs won’t become tangled or shed and can be colored and styled just like your own hair. With proper care, they can last more than a year for daily use and up to three years for occasional use.

All of our wigs have adjustable straps and combs to make sure they will securely fit any head size. Moreover, the laces and caps of our wigs are made from high-quality material that will give you both a comfortable feel and a seamless blend.

Our human hair wigs are available in various textures, lengths, and colors for you to choose from. So don’t hesitate to contact us via (+84) 37 9989 559 for more information and best deals!

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