What Vitamins Should You Know To Nourish Healthy And Shiny Hair?

To limit the amount of hair loss that makes your heart feel “sobbing”, you should know these nutrients.


Hair loss is a common problem in women, especially at age 40 and older guy. One of the reasons for sparse hair is due to lack of nutrition. If using shampoo for hair loss is not satisfactory, you need to think about how to nourish your hair from deep inside. In the following article, Macsarahair will suggest some good vitamins for hair loss treatment.


This is the essential vitamin for the development of nails and hair follicles, also called vitamin B7. Biotin can improve the condition of brittle hair, split ends, and prevent hair loss effectively. The biggest advantage of vitamin B7 is to stimulate hair growth, increase elasticity for hair, and treat hair loss significantly. In addition, biotin is beneficial for the production of keratin – an important ingredient for healthy hair. You can supplement biotin with pills or foods like whole grains, chicken, cheese, eggs.


These two nutrients are the most abundant in fish oil. The fatty acid content can nourish hair fibers, helping hair grow thicker and stronger. The regular addition of fish oil also reduces scalp irritation, balances hormones in the body. Pay attention to providing both nutrients to make your hair healthier with foods like salmon, mackerel, tuna, egg yolk, walnuts…


More than 95% of hair follicles are nourished by blood vessels under the scalp. When the body lacks iron, the scalp and hairline are vulnerable, becoming weak. Adequate iron supplementation is a great way to limit hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The foods rich in iron are fish, chicken, beef, dark green vegetables…


Like iron, zinc is an essential nutrient in the treatment of hair loss of females. According to Jolene Hart-a health coach and author of Eat Pretty-zinc is essential for the production of carotene in the body, stimulating the fast hair growth. When lacking zinc, the link between the hair follicles gradually weakens, making the hair thinner, duller, losing the shine. This issue usually occurs in women after the age of 40. The zinc supplements can also control and balance sebum and oil glands on the scalp, counteracting the effects of some heavy metals.

Avocado possesses a high amount of zinc and the protein that stimulates hair to grow faster. On the other hand, this nutrient can enhance the immune system, while supporting protein growth in hair follicles. Unfortunately, zinc has no mechanism for self-production or accumulation in the body. Therefore, the best way for your body to get enough zinc is to supplement your daily diet. Zinc is found in foods such as butter, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and green beans…


In addition to the visual enhancement effect, vitamin A is a nutrient that helps strengthen hair and limit hair loss. Besides, vitamin A supplementation is also a way to balance moisture and control oily skin on the scalp. Vitamin A also helps to poison the scalp and prevent oxidation of hair fibers. Some foods are rich in vitamin A you can refer to such as sweet potatoes, fish mint, green vegetables…

The delicious food like sweet potatoes containing vitamin A helps to effectively remove poisonous scalp.


Although not often referred to as other vitamins, vitamin B1 is a “savior” for girls with hair loss. This vitamin is affordable that promotes blood circulation on the scalp. In addition, vitamin B1 stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. Like many other nutrients, vitamin B1 is effective against oxidation, making hair follicles strong from root to tip.


Papaya is an abundant fruit vitamin E that nourishes hair from inside. This vitamin is considered as a “wonderful medicinal remedy” in preserving the beauty of women. You must know the miraculous effects of vitamin E on the skin. Vitamin E is also very helpful for your hair care. The addition of vitamin E enhances blood circulation in the body, especially on the scalp. Besides, vitamin E enhances the strength of hair fibers, hair loss and smooth hair. You should add vitamins with foods like green vegetables, radishes, avocados, papayas, etc. On the other hand, the simple way to save your hair is to mix a few drops of vitamin E into daily shampoo.

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