Where should you buy hair extensions in America?


Are you having a headache in choosing a reliable place to purchase hair extensions which can meet your expectation? Consult 5 brands below to find answers you desire.

Bellami Hair 

Countless brands providing hair extensions in the market today are still facing a grave issue – TANGLING. However, with Bellami Hair, this problem hardly exists since producers don’t use artificial hair which tends to break off frequently. They utilize Remy’s hair made of real human hair.

Hair extensions of this brand are also well-groomed to make sure that all customers can receive the products having the best quality.

If getting appropriate care and attention, these extensions can serve you from 13 to 22 months. Never throw them carelessly in any place after using them. Put them into a box instead. You can read directions on the package unless you know clearly how to take care of them properly.

Normally, it is estimated that Bellami hair sheds from 3 to 6 strands per day. The clips of hair extensions are weft so that users can wear or move them off easily. Particularly, they will give you a sense of uncomfortable feeling. It could be a great option for those people owning a sensitive scalp.

Bellami Hair is extremely smooth and thick from the root to the tip. Also, in comparison with natural hair, these extensions keep curls much longer and better. With some types of Bellami Hair don’t need to spray to preserve nice folds.

Before and after using Clip-in hair extensions of Bellami Hair

Hair products of Bellami Hair have been also evaluated highly thanks to good clips. These clips are fixed, so customers don’t have to worry about sliding out of the rest of the hair.

Nevertheless, hair extensions of this brand need to be brushed regularly to minimize tangles and bonds and you shouldn’t wear them all day as they can hurt your scalp.

Luxy Hair 

The lifespan of Luxy Hair extensions lies ranges from 3 to a year or longer, depending on the degree of your attention. They are designed to be easy to use for clients. The hair which is used to make hair extensions is real hair. Thus, its quality is extremely wonderful.

Customers have many opportunities to approach a variety of shapes and colors. Remarkably, Luxy Hair usually offers an affordable price with a generous return policy – 60 DAYS.

Besides good points, Luxy Hair also has some disadvantages. To make the hair silkier and shinier, its hair extensions are usually coated with silicone. When unboxing hair extensions, the dye smell remains long.

Also, their color sometimes can’t meet the expectation of customers. The hairpiece is designed awkwardly. Clips on the wefts are not sufficient. After shampooing, Luxy Hair becomes dry and fizzy.

Glam Seamless 

Like Bellami HairGlam Seamless is always proud of the high – end quality of hair extensions which are 100% genuine real human hair. These extensions are super smooth and silky. Also, producers never use synthetic blended or animal fibers as well as coat the hair with silicone.

Balayage tape hair extensions with – Black with brown and silver

Hair extensions of Glam Seamless are double drawn and thick from the top to the bottom. With anti- shed technology, clients don’t have to experience straggling or itchiness.

Another outstanding feature of Glam Seamless is that customers can reutilize extensions with 3 applications. It doesn’t mean you have to dispose of these extensions when it’s time to take them out. Put it simply, you just reinstall the tape.

Glam Seamless has over 58 shades of hair extensions for clients to choose from. They just need to send a picture of their hair and stylist representative of this label will help them in deciding the suitable color with their faces.

What’s more, Glam Seamless has the strength of supplying the best tape-ins extensions with waterproof, sweatproof, and hypoallergenic tapes.

However, it is unavoidable that the company will sometimes receive complaints about the quality of the products. Hair extensions are not smooth and shiny as customers expect. Shades in the set are not consistent and the distribution from top to bottom can be not good.

Sally Beauty 

As mentioned above brands, hair extensions of Sally Beauty are various in colors (from jet black to platinum blonde) and textures (from the fringe with glue-in and sew-in to tapes-in or clip-in). Besides Remy human hair, Sally Beauty also supply synthetic extensions that can’t be ruined by the weather.

Clients can freely make myriads of hairstyles without worrying about their life cycle in case they know how to take care of these extensions properly.

If compared with other ones, the price of this label can be the cheapest and suit the budget of most customers.

According to some opinions and reviews of users, clips of Sally Beauty can be easy to fall apart faster than other labels in the market. Nevertheless, depending on your level of care, the lifespan of these clips still last longer.


Here is the list of popular brands of hair extensions in America. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. We don’t recommend you should purchase hair extensions of all those above brands or of a specific one. Each person has their own choice, depending on their point of view.

Take a look at the quality, color, texture, and price, choose a brand to buy the best hair extensions which suit your capacity and budget. Visit websites of each brand to look for products with a more specific and reasonable price.