Who Is Emiru And Emiru No Makeup Photos Moments?

As society is developing, the field-game world has been more and more popular. Gamers, especially Emiru, will be similar to Twitch that has a lot of livestream videos about game matches. Besides, she also cosplays a lot of characters in Japanese anime that attract many fans around the world. She always looks amazing when wearing makeup but an Emiru no makeup can also make you remember for a long time due to her natural beauty. So let’s read Macsarahair‘s article about her to know more about this gamer.

Emiru And Emiru No Makeup Photos Moments

Who Is Emiru?

For those who have no idea about Emiru, the following information will help you understand this famous pretty female gamer.

Emiru is an American Twitch personality who is a gamer and streams the League of Legends on Twitch. She has earned a number of followers through it. Emiru was born on the 3rd of January in the year 1998. Emiru was raised in Kansas and completed her high school graduation two years back in 2016. Her first name is known and it is Emily.

This social media personality now resides in Austin, Texas. Her Twitch account has over 150k fans following her. She streams the League of Legends game primarily and is famous for it. She joined Twitter in December 2012 and has gathered more than 63.7k fans on it.

Who Is Emiru
Who Is Emiru?

Known online as Emiru, feel free to call her Emily, Emi or whatever else you want as she really doesn’t care but for consistency reasons, we will stick to Emi. Emi is a beautiful girl who has an interesting mix of ethnicities, being half Chinese and half German. She is a League of Legends partner and needless to say she is pretty damn good at it. She occasionally plays duo with friends and other streamers for fun but plays solo 99% of ranked games.

Emi keeps busy, maintaining her YouTube channel of 119k with highlights, makeup tutorials, and vlogs. Not only that but she streams on Twitch part-time as she is currently in school as a computer science student and because of this, changes her stream schedule often so be sure to check her Twitter often for updates.

Emiru No Makeup Moments

Instagram No Makeup

This is a picture of Emiru no makeup that she posted on Instagram. No one can deny the natural features inherent on her face: big brown eyes, sexy pink lips, long smooth hair her long black hair really flatters her clear and radiant skin, bringing about naturally attractive beauty.

Emiru No Makeup Instagram Moments
Instagram No Makeup


This pic is from a fan meeting event where Emiru no makeup and interacted with fans. It’s a rare thing that happens to her, but despite that, she still looked gorgeous!

Emiru without makeup at a fan meeting event
Emiru without makeup at a fan meeting event

Game Ready

Here she is, sitting comfortably in her office chair, in front of her computer screen. She’s ready to start her streaming session! Emiru no makeup really drew attention to her natural beauty.

Emiru without makeup is ready to live stream
Emiru without makeup is ready to live stream


This is the moment when she was live streaming, and we bet nobody could take their eyes off Emiru in this no makeup look. She looked so cute and charming with big eyes, porcelain-like skin, long thick hair with bangs.

Emiru without makeup while livestreaming
Emiru without makeup while livestreaming

Outta Bed, Outta Head

What’s nicer than a nap that makes you wonder, ‘what time is it, and why is it so dark?’ Well, maybe another nap. Emiru seems to have taken this selfie after her nap, showing her fresh face without makeup and looking lovely!

 Emiru without makeup
Outta bed, outta head

It can be said that Emiru without makeup is still one of the most beautiful women on YouTube! One of the most striking features of her natural beauty is her long thick black hair – a strength that is essential in every cosplay performance. So, if you want to look gorgeous even without makeup on, besides skincare, paying attention to your hair is a must.

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