Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

macsara pixie haircut large - Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

You have long hair and being stuck in a hairstyle rut. You want to renew yourself but don’t know where to start.  Then it’s a dramatic haircut that can be just what you need to revamp your look. The simple act of cutting your long locks for a short crop can make a drastic change for your look and you will feel like a whole new person. The idea may seem to be scary, but with lobs and bobs so popular at the moment, a pixie cut is the most perfect next step.

 1. What is a Pixie Haircut?

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The pixie haircut is layered trimmed haircut with optional thinning ends, short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top. This way of cutting gives us the freedom of nurturing because the hair can be dried easily. Moreover, not even the wind can spoil and it behaves well while growing.

2. Why you should get a Pixie Haircut?

A pixie haircut is the ultimate, classic short haircut that can give a sharper look to an oval face. It also brings about the following benefits:

  • Easier maintenance

Before walking down the streets, long hair always requires good combed and stylized and that, sometimes, involves a certain time. Hence, Short hair is practical and is ideal for women who are employed and busy.

  • You will feel freer. 

Long hair sometimes can be a burden on the head and shoulders, while short hair gives you a sense of freedom and spontaneity. Also, it’s no longer a big problem on a windy day.

  • Brings you back to youth. 

It’s safe to say that shorter hair gives a youthful appearance, so if you feel older than you really are, you can always try a short cut.

  • It gives you a sharper appearance
sharper appearance large - Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

Concretely, a pixie haircut emphasizes a sharper look to an oval face. Whereas, long hair gives a feminine and softer look. So, if you already have a beautiful and sweet face, do not hide it under the long hair. Highlight your beautiful face with a short haircut. Long hair is the symbol of femininity, and when you no longer have it, there is everything else. It is a discovery.

  • You’ll look adorable yet fiercely rebellious 24/7.
rebellious large - Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

What’s better than looking both like a delicate pixie queen and a fashionable badass all the time?  Nothing.  If Emma Watson can go from being Hermione to being the queen of all things avant-garde, so can you.

  • Color is more fun with less hair
color large - Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

Please, please, please don’t be afraid to dye your hair.  Just think: you don’t have to worry much about the damage since you can just chop it off again when it becomes overgrown and start all over.  Vibrant, overstated colors also happen to look great with an understated pixie cut.

  • Less shampoo and conditioner = more money, more time, fewer problems

It just makes sense economically, right? Your short tresses and your bank account will look fantastic after ditching the buckets of soapy products.

3. How to style a Pixie Haircut?

  • Long Pixie Cut
- Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

There is a misunderstanding that a pixie cut is always a super short cut. However, there’s a special version of it that you can try if you’re not completely ready to try the extremely short hair. That is a long pixie cut.  A long pixie haircut is a great combination of a bob and a short pixie. The style is short enough to draw attention to your face but long enough to create the feminine appeal. The extra length of a long pixie cut, focused mostly at the front, creates a face-framing effect and softens the style.

  • Short Pixie Cut
- Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

You must screw up your courage when deciding to cut your hair into a short pixie style, especially if you’re used to having long locks. The style will dramatically change your look and take considerable time to grow out. However, when you do the cut, you will realize that it may be the most beautiful style you’ve ever had. Like pressing the F5 button, this style will lift and brighten your face and mood.

  • Pixie Cut With Bangs
With Bangs large - Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

Bangs can level up a plain pixie cut. Short hairstyles with bangs are a great way to cover a broad forehead on a heart face, which is the model’s face shape.  And thick bangs – straight across or from a side-parting – do a great job breaking-up the circular shape of a round face. Choose side bangs that swoop across the forehead to give short hair a feminine touch. Or you can combine choppy layers as a blunt fringe with a pixie cut to keep the look graceful.

  • Curly Pixie Haircut
Curly Pixie large - Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

Bubble curls and soft ringlet bangs add a lively vibe to this jaunty pixie.  The hair has lots of texture and movement that reflects light from the glossy surface.  Adding height helps faces seem longer and slimmer making this a flattering look for oval, round, and heart faces.

  • Wavy Pixie cut
Wavy Pixie cut large - Why a pixie haircut should be your next style?

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical pixies are often accompanied with straight hair, but it doesn’t only go that way! Natural wavy-haired ladies look just as lovely with a short cut, as is represented in the photo below. You can go for a cropped cut that has enough length on top to allow your natural waves to be flaunted.

So, that’s all we want to share with you about a pixie haircut. Is there one that turns your wheels running? If yes, go to your familiar hair salon and take it as soon as possible. And enjoy the most gorgeous hairstyle you have ever had!