Why Do You Choose Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyles?

macsara Why to choose long wavy wedding hairstyles large - Why Do You Choose Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyles?


Besides outfit, makeup, hair is always a big concern of women. All dreams of a perfect gorgeous long hair with attractive loose wavy strands. And the dream becomes more vivid when it comes to your wedding day. On that special day, all eyes will be on the bride, so surely, she wants to be most charming and looks like a goddess. And unarguably, long wavy hair is the most perfect solution for your Big Day. Long, wavy wedding hair reflects the latest style statement, which is why so many of today’s brides are choosing to let their long locks flow with curls on their special day. Go through our post to find out more reasons and get some inspiration.

1. Why choose long wavy hairstyles

It’s worthy to note that anyone with longer wavy hair is actually at an advantage.

Firstly, while straight hair struggles with lack of volume and curly hair struggle with trying to tame the frizz or care for curls, wavy hair gets the best of both worlds. Bounce, voluminous and not too much need for care. Total win.

macsara Why to choose long wavy hairstyles large - Why Do You Choose Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyles?

Secondly, wavy hair is the most flexible one. It is something between and incredibly easy to style into straight or curly. Because it’s not too stubborn, it will easily hold styles. You don’t have to waste hours to tame and straighten curly hair or have curls fall back into naturally straight hair within hours.

Thirdly, short and curly doesn’t isn’t always the best look, and sometimes long, naturally straight hair has even more of a struggle with volume. But whether short, medium or long, you can wear your wavy hair with effortlessly, and look perfect with it.

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Also, there are some amazing advantages to having long hair. Although long hair requires high maintenance to look beautiful and healthy, many women will still keep their hair below the shoulders. And there is no matter with that! Because long hair is never out of date. It allows for great changes in your overall look regardless of how you style it.

2. Best long wavy wedding hairstyles

Women with long wavy hairstyles are the envy of other females and attractor of the other gender. Most of the famous Hollywood and superstars have fabulous long wavy hairstyles. This hairstyle is also beloved for special occasions. A wedding is no exception. Let’s check out some long wavy wedding hairstyles now!

Half up half down loose wavy

macsara Half up half down loose wavy large - Why Do You Choose Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyles?

half up half down hairstyle becomes increasingly popular with brides because it keeps the hair off your face then shows off your eyes. It’s also a great way to secure your veil because it will have a firm bed to hold. A half-up hairstyle has the benefits of up hair and the romantic and glamorous feel of loose waves. This ‘do is perfectly suitable with long wavy hair, bringing the fresh and feminine image of a goddess. The more hair you have to do with, the more stunning you are. If your hair is fine and thin, add hair extensions for more volume.

The Cascading Fairytale Braid

macsara Cascading Fairytale Braid large - Why Do You Choose Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyles?

Who doesn’t dream of becoming a princess on their big day? Well, this Elsa inspired hair will help your dream come true.  Typically, this style incorporates a big braid and freely cascading down your back or over your shoulder. These will some loose wavy strands of hair allowed to free fall. Undoubtedly, this look is always a show stopper and a great lure for your special day.

The High Tie

macsara High Tie large - Why Do You Choose Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyles?

For those who love to be a goddess but still with your best natural beauty, this high ponytail surely shines your beauty. If your hair is naturally wavy, why don’t you take full advantage of it to look simple but gorgeous? This look works well with brides with long hair. The long waves make the look romantic and the hair on the front frames the face while adding a very feminine touch. Believe us, the wavy ponytail never goes wrong.

Bun Updo

macsara Bun Updo large - Why Do You Choose Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyles?

For a queen-like look, the chic bun hairdo will turn you into a memorable bride. Its simple elegance surely lights up your beauty.

Messy Wavy Hair With Quartz Crystals

macsara Messy Wavy Hair With Quartz Crystals large - Why Do You Choose Long Wavy Wedding Hairstyles?

If you are a big fan of natural beauty, just show off your naturally wavy hair by letting it loose. This is an effortless look that matches perfectly with a low back dress, helping to show off your seductive collarbone. Add some quartz crystals which give the hairdo a touch of sophistication.

3. How to take care of your long wavy hair

If you have naturally wavy locks, lucky you! We can’t say that we’re not jealous. The perfect one between curly hair and straight hair, wavy hair is both timeless and charming. However, just because you were born with enviable natural waves doesn’t mean that your mane will take care of itself. Do you know it is such a strict commitment to take care of your wavy hair to maintain its shine on your wedding day? Follow the below tips to keep it in shape.

  • Buy a good shampoo. Use a shampoo that is made for wavy to curly hair.
  • Pick the right conditioner. Along with buying a shampoo made for wavy hair, you should use a conditioner based on your hair type as well.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Put your hair in buns before bed to keep

Having long hair certainly has its advantages and the options increase exponentially with a few extra inches of hair. You can be a little more creative and adventurous with your hair but remember, your wedding day isn’t the day for experimentation.  Opt for something that you just know suits you.  You will feel so much more comfortable and you will feel more relaxed on the day. One thing you should note is that the more hair your hair, the more beautiful you are. We MACSARA together with our hair extension products will help you. Come with our company, you will never have to worry about tangle, chemistry or shedding problems because all of our products are produced from 100% Vietnam Remy Hair under the supervision of the most skillful workers.

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