Why Is The Older You Are, The Easier The Hair Loss And Difficult To Grow?

The process of hair growth also has circulation. As you age, the ability to absorb nutrients as well as the immune system, metabolism are worse than when young. Therefore, the essential nutrients for hair germ cells – The source of life of the hair strands – is not supplied enough, which lead the hair to be weakened and breakable. The information from the following article will help you how to “revive” your tresses when you reach middle age.

In the past, people considered middle age as the age range from 40-60. However, the milestone marking the beginning of this age range has dropped to 35 years old, according to the Philips Health and Wellness Center (USA).

When entering the “go on the other side of the peak of life” period, facing with countless problems in life as well as the hormonal changes inside the body, both men and women are more likely to experience excessive hair loss, making them look older than their real age, losing the confidence and attractiveness.

Middle-aged women
Middle-aged women

Middle-aged women – the age of crisis, thunderstorms of life – are often busy taking care of their families and children without caring too much for themselves, causing nutritional deficiencies. This is also the age when women start entering the pre-menopause period, leading to psychophysical instability, easy to get angry, irritable, hormonal imbalance, from which hair health quickly declines.

Middle-aged men, often have to “burden” on their shoulders a lot of responsibilities with families/work, that’s why they’re always under pressure and stress in work and life. At this age, the concentration of male hormone (testosterone) in the body of men also begins to decline, leading to physiological disorders, inactivity, fatigue. According to research by the Mayo Clinic (USA), after 30 years, the average amount of Testosterone decreases by about 1% per year and drastically decreases from 30% – 50% when people are over 50 years old.

Hormonal imbalance (different between men and women); effects of stress depress, anxiety; nutritional deficiencies, etc. are all major factors weakening hair germ cells. Weak hair germ cells are a core cause of hair loss, hair thinning, and baldness.

To prevent hair from falling off quickly, regrow and grow strong, it is necessary to have solutions to protect and promote “seeds” – hair germ cells early.

The latest scientific research in the US has determined that the cause of hair loss is due to weakened hair germ cells with different mechanisms between men and women. Therefore, medical experts emphasize: to revitalize hair, you need to protect and promote hair germ cells to develop in the 3-leg tripod mechanism, including balance the amount of male / female hormone, provide enough nutrients and limit the harmful factors on the hair.

Promoting hair germ cell growth is a superior solution to revitalize hair today

Through many in-depth studies using molecular biotechnology, scientists have discovered Cynatine extract and precious active ingredients, from which they have successfully developed two optimal formulas helping nourishing hair germ cells for each sex: CLI-α for men and CLI-β for women only.

– The CLI-α formula contains Cynatine and compounds: Saw Palmetto, Eurycoma Longifolia, American Ginseng, etc., helps balance male neuroendocrine, reduce the damaging effects for hair germ cells due to stress, tobacco, alcohol, therefore preventing baldness and helping hair grow thickly and strongly.

– CLI- β formula contains Cynatine and the compounds: Pumpkin Seed, Black cohosh, Horsetail, etc., which help balance female neuroendocrine, replenish the necessary nutrients to promote hair germ cells, thereby reducing hair loss, helping hair grow strongly and shiningly, as well as limiting dry, breakable strands.

For those who are elderly or have long-term baldness, it takes more time for their hair to recover, so they have to be persistent with all the procedures, combining adjust scientific lifestyle such as stress reduction, adequate sleep, tobacco/alcohol restriction, etc. to bring the effect of reducing hair loss, baldness best.

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Hopefully, this article is useful for you to not have to worry about middle-aged hair loss, thereby you can maintain a confident beauty at any age.