Why Should You Choose 10 Inch Hair Weave?

When it comes to hair extensions, there are a lot of hairstyles with suitable hair lengths for girls to choose from. Long hair is a popular choice; however, short hair length is also a good option for trendy hairstyles.

Why Should You Choose 10 Inch Hair Weave

The lob hair using a 10 inch hair weave is between your chin and collarbone and can help your thin hair appear thicker if styled correctly. You have lots of styling options from flat iron straight to beachy waves because the length isn’t too long or too short. For some special occasions, you also still create an elegant updo or a braid. So keep reading to know more about 10 inch hair weaves as well as some hairstyle ideas we’ve put together for you!

1. How long Is 10 Inch Weave Hair?

If you are considering 10 inch weave hair extensions, it’s essential to understand the length and visual impact of them before making a decision. So what is the length of 10 inch weave hair?

When we refer to 10 inch hair extensions, we are referring to the length of the hair strands used. However, not all hair extensions are created equal, and how 10 inch hair extensions look can be different depending on their texture, thickness, and how they are attached. For example, 10 inch curly or wavy hair extensions will appear shorter than 10 inch straight hair, as curly or wavy hair is measured when it is pulled straight.

How long is 10 inch weave hair?
How long is 10 inch weave hair?

When installed, 10 inch weave hair will fall around the nape of your neck, or between the chin length and shoulder length. It is somewhere between a shorter to medium length extension, suitable for those who are looking to increase volume for their short hair or versatility to their current hair. There are various hairstyles to experiment with 10 inch weave hair that we’ll reveal below. Are you ready to get inspired?

2. Stunning Hairstyles With 10 inch Hair Weave

2.1. Blonde Lob Hair

The blonde base and lowlights add that glamorous aura to this straight lob. Simply style straightened with a flat iron for a quick everyday get-up!

Pair these tousled waves with cool blonde highlights for a multidimensional look. This is definitely a style that will allow you to shake your hair and let them down in the wind without worrying!

 10 Inch Hair Weave
Blonde Lob Hair

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2.2. Purple Wavy Lob

Paint your layered waves with this standout fashion color. The hairdo is so impressive with the volume on top and the thin ends that make it so lightweight.

10 Inch Hair Weave
Purple Wavy Lob

2.3. Pink Beachy Lob Hair

Try this super cute unicorn beachy hair with baby lights and you will be picture-perfect at any angle! If you have lightened hair already, then this will be an easy style to recreate for sure.

10 Inch Hair Weave
Pink Beachy Lob Hair

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2.4. Long Bob With Layers

This jaw-dropping wavy blonde long bob could not be any better without those soft layers and dark roots. A mesmerizing and brightening look especially for fair skin and blue to green eyes.

10 Inch Hair Weave
Long Bob With Layers

2.5. Angled Hairdo

Nothing beats a simple but major look transformation like this that anyone can get by getting this hair. Style it with some cream and create waves for more movement!

10 Inch Hair Weave
Angled Hairdo

2.6. 10 Inch Wavy Hair

This is an amazing length with lots of texture and no angle (even though it appears to be longer in the front).

10 Inch Wavy Hair
10 Inch Wavy Hair

2.7. Naturally Curly Hair

You will love styling and embracing the naturally curly hair texture because this is a fun and flirty look. Women today are embracing what they naturally have and are unafraid to make bolder impacts, letting their hair be a little larger and a little wilder and showcasing more of their personality.

10 Inch Hair Weave
Naturally Curly Hair

2.8. Blonde Collarbone Length

Long bob haircuts let you wear your hair down, up and half up while looking gorgeous, regardless of the style choice. The front pieces graze your shoulders, drawing attention to the clavicles – one of the most sensual female body parts.

10 Inch Hair Weave
Blonde Collarbone Length

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10 inch hair length is a versatile length option as it is neither too short nor long. It offers you various styling possibilities, from a bob hairstyle, and natural flowing waves, to a layered cut. We hope this post has given you the inspiration to embrace new hairstyles with your 10 inch hair length!

If you are looking for 10 inch hair weave hair extensions to add volume, color, or versatility to your hair, Macsara is here to help you with our premium-quality hair extensions. Made from 100% Remy human hair, they are sure to give you a natural look and feel. They also come in various textures and colors for you to pick the best match. Don’t hesitate to contact us now via hotline (+84) 37 9989 559 for more details and the best deals!

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